The Path to Legalization in Pennsylvania

“Pennsylvania, pursue your happiness.” That’s the current state slogan, and with its beautiful mountains and valleys it’s a slogan not far off from the truth. But for Marijuana advocates, it’s been quite a frustrating place to be for many years.

While Oregon decriminalized its use in 1973 and California made medicinal cannabis legal in 1996, it’s taken Pennsylvania until the more recent 2016 for its residents to enjoy the benefits that medical marijuana could offer.

It’s been a long road.
Legalization in PA

Pennsylvania is scheduled to become one of the largest medical markets in the United States. It’s taken a lot of energy from various advocacy groups and we wouldn’t be here without their continued belief in not only the obvious benefits of medical marijuana, but the importance of sensible drug laws as well. One such group was Pennsylvanian’s For Safe Access (Read more about them here). SkyBlue is proud to be partnered with them and will continue to advocate for sensible drug laws in the states we do business in.

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