About SkyBlue Vapor

How we are making a difference!

How are our vape pens different? 

Our focus on low temperature vapes will save you money by eliminating waste resulting in a stash that lasts longer.  In addition, the lower temperatures preserve the terpenes found in your concentrate / cartridges.  By preserving these, our pens increase flavor profiles and strengthen the entourage effect.

How are we giving back? 

Good question!  We highly believe in giving back which is why 3% of all profits are donated to a charity focused on empowering the cannabis movement.  The first charity we ever helped was instrumental in legalizing medical marijuana in PA.

On top of that, our offices utilizes only the cleanest power; Wind & Solar.  Nearly all packaging materials are sourced from recycled materials.

Clifford Smith, President

“I know it sounds cliché, but Nick and I started SkyBlue Vapor in a garage with the intent of providing a quality vape pen to a market that was saturated with vape pens lacking customer support, a lifetime warranty, and premium materials.  What started as a local Pennsylvania brand has grown into a company that supplies the absolute best vape pens located all across the globe.  Our size may have changed but out commitment to the customer has not!

Nicholas Martens, Executive President

“Back in 2014 Cliff and I grew tired of the shoddy vape pens on the market and knew that we could do better. It was through our frustration of vaporizers that just didn’t work that led us to creating SkyBlue Vapor. I’m happy to say that now we have done just that. With over 5,000 satisfied SkyBlue Customers, I think if you gave us a shot you would agree too! Our vaporizers are truly the last you will ever need.”

SkyBlue Vapor is your #1 shop in 2020 for vape pens, vaporizer accessories.

Rated #1 Best Vape Pen on Leafly