PA Safe Access & SkyBlue Vapor Join Forces

PA Safe Access

It’s hard to understate the importance that medical marijuana advocacy organizations have played in the last 10 years toward changing state policy. Whether we’re talking about the Alliance for Cannabis Therapeutics, NORML, or Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access, each has helped mobilize supporters to push common-sense drug legislation throughout the United States.

Here in Pennsylvania, where SkyBlue is based, we’re lucky to have linked up with PA Safe Access to help the cause. PA Safe Access can help people register with the Department of Health, set up appointments to register with doctors and help patients pay for their medical marijuana cards through the PA DOH website.

PA Safe Access was instrumental in getting Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Act 16 into law – even taking a role in how it was written.

For those of you who have been in the scene long enough (we’re talking way back in the 60’s folks), it may seem crazy to see the reversal that medical marijuana law has taken in the past ten years. Before the 1970’s references to marijuana as a therapeutic substance could be found throughout the medical literature. It wasn’t until the Controlled Substances Act listed marijuana as a Schedule I substance in 1970 that this all changed. Schedule I substances are defined as those with no medical value and with a high potential for abuse. Thankfully years of medical research have made it patently obvious that Marijuana is far from a Schedule I substance. In fact, marijuana and many of the chemical compounds found within the plant now have a robust foundation of scientific research supporting their medical use. Check out our previous article on CBD to get a glimpse of what medical marijuana has to offer. The benefits of CBD and how to use it.
PA Safe Access

PA Safe Access helps people understand the medical uses of marijuana and streamlines the process for people to get registered and ultimately experience the medical benefits that it has to offer. By traveling throughout Pennsylvania PA Safe Access gets the information straight from growers, dispensaries, and the Department of Health directly to the patients. This is no-nonsense science, public health, and advocacy at its finest.

By partnering with SkyBlue Vapor, PA Safe Access helps ensure that patients have the best vape available to get the greatest benefit from their medicinal products.

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