Importance of Low Temp Vaping

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Vape temperature will continue to remains the hotly discussed topic in vaping, but it is important to consider their importance in your vaping experience. High or low heat affects your vaping experience differently. There are people who believe that the high temperature is the best, while advocate can argue with conviction that low temp is far more better. 

If you haven’t varied your vaping experience, you won’t know why low-temperature advocates present such a compelling case, trying to support low-temperature vaping. You should try all kinds of concentrates, essential oils and herbs to experience the miracle of low temperature vape pen in your overall vaping experience.

Why is low temp in vape pen important?

When the vape pen is heated up in cannabis concentrates, the cannabinoids and terpenes are released in vapor, with a variety of flavor effects that cannabis is knows for. The concentrates, herbs and oils used for vaping and must reach a boiling point to vaporize. This is the vaporization effect that we breathe in to achieve the enriching medicinal quality that we get when vaping. In this regard, the boiling point of the vape at which it releases its enriching vapors is exposed to high or low temperatures.

A high-temperature vape pen can sometimes be carcinogenic if the nail overheats, which affects the quality of the vapor feeling we expect. A low-temperature vape pen provides the right amount of temperature enough to  boil the oil without carcinogens and protects us as we vape.

Why do you need a low temperature vape pen?

  • Enriching flavor: The low temperature vape pen creates a quality flavor and you can feel the richness. 
  • Smooth and longer hit: The vapor is soft and blows longer because the vaporization takes place slowly.
  • Minimal vapor: You can vaporize anywhere without thick vapor trailing you. You need a temperature range from 0 to 300 ° F.


How can you achieve the best vaping experience with a low-temperature vape pen?

The best vaping experience with a low temp vape pen is achieved when you try different forms of material to vape.  With the SkyBlue Deluxe you get the ultimate experience by truly tasting every terpene with oils, herbs, and concentrates.  You may be used to vaping only one type of material, but you may find you like others better!  The only way to truly experience this with ease is with a multi use vape pen such as the Deluxe.

What if you need a slightly higher temperature for thicker oils?

You may know very well that there are other resources of vaping with the vape pen is one of them. The vapers’ ability to deal with a different temperature range is different because all oils are not the same. Therefore, you should consider using the SkyBlue vape pen for achieving temperature suitable for your oils. Check out The EV for the best variable voltage oil vaporizer on the market!


Can you use different oils, herbs and concentrates with the SkyBlue vape pen?

By changing the atomizer in your vaporizer you can make it suitable for certain concentrates, oils or herbs. This is possible with SkyBlue vape pens, as you will receive a different atomizer as an accessory when you purchase it if you are purchasing the Original Or Deluxe Model. Here at SkyBlue, we have low temp vapes for just about everyone. Visit for our full selection.

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