Are Cannabis Vape Pens Safe?

Are Cannabis Vape Pens Safe? What Happens When You Vape Cannabis?

There are numerous ways to consume marijuana but vaping is the most elegant, discrete, and nearly odorless. Perhaps that’s why people are obsessing over it. But is it safe? Let’s find out.

Of all the methods of ingesting cannabis, there is something about vaping which is keeping people hooked. Vaping has grown the most in popularity in recent years. This form of ingesting cannabis involves heating, but not burning, cannabis to form vapor which is then inhaled. These vapors are generally thought to be safer than the smoke and vaping is more convenient than smoking. But is it actually safe?

Well, it mostly depends on your vape pen. No matter what a product description says, some of the vape pens might not be vaporizing at all. In addition to this, there are many other factors to consider.

Vape Pen

Cannabis should be vaped within a specific range of temperature. Setting the right temperatures make sure that your cannabis or concentrates are not burning. If your cannabis catches combustion, it will produce smoke instead of vapors. The smoke contains carbon monoxide and other toxic substances which are not good for your lungs and overall health. Most of the cheap vaporizers that you find in the market don’t vaporize well. They have inconsistent heating elements and poor temperature settings that do not let the cannabis vaporize properly. Other than that, there are many cheap vape pens in the market that use poor quality chambers and cartridges which form toxic chemicals upon heating. You should stay away from such vape pens because they make vaping the best quality herb toxic for you.

Vaping Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis is commonly vaporized with a portable vape pen. While some of the vape pens can vaporizer raw cannabis, most require a cartridge of oils or concentrates. These concentrates are created with the help of solvents like butane, CO2, or ethanol. These solvents are responsible for extracting the compounds from the plant and they tend to leave the most potent substances behind.

If we’re using hydrocarbon extraction (the form of extraction that uses butane or propane) rather than CO2 for the production of concentrates, there are higher chances of residual solvents ending up in the concentrates. According to a 2015 study published in The Journal of Toxicological Sciences, 80% of the concentrate samples were found to be contaminated by the residual solvents which are toxic for your health. 

Vaping Raw Cannabis

Vaping raw cannabis isn’t as healthy as it may seem. According to the same 2015 study, in addition to residual solvents, on-third of the concentrate samples were also contaminated by the pesticides. Therefore, if you vape raw cannabis, there are quite high chances that you’ll also be vaping pesticides which can be very toxic.

Another major concern is propylene glycol, which is added to the oils and concentrates as a thinner. This chemical is usually considered safe and has been approved by FDA for use in shampoos, cosmetics, and even ice creams. Yet, there are some concerned about this chemical when it’s heated to higher temperatures. At higher temperatures, it may produce carbonyls which can be quite toxic for your health.

Another issue of concern is added terpenes, which are added to cannabis to give it a distinctive odor. These terpenes are generally safe but can be harmful if ingested in higher concentration. When choosing your products, go for those with “cannabis derived terpenes” if possible as this is closer to nature.

Does that mean vaping cannabis is bad?

No, not at all. All these factors that we mentioned above are the issues of concern, but with the right material, right device, and right approach, vaping cannabis can be made healthy. Here are three major factors that you should consider for healthy cannabis vaping.

Invest in a Right Vape Pen

This is the first and most important step to healthy cannabis vaping. Not all the cannabis vape pens are safe doesn’t mean that the safe vape pens doesn’t exist. There are so many premium quality vape pens made with high grade materials and heating elements that vaporize your herbs and concentrates evenly without forming any toxic substances in the process. Such vape pens come with an extensive temperature control and consistent heating elements that vaporize the substance to form vapors containing only potent inhalable compounds. The SkyBlue Vapor™ Deluxe Vaporizer is one such vape pen that brings you everything you need to enjoy Concentrates, Dry Herb Flower, and Essential Oils in a safe way. Their low temp pens help you save your stash and help keep your pen SMELL-PROOF.

Buy Only Organic Cannabis

If you’re thinking about vaping the raw cannabis, make sure you only buy organically grown cannabis to make sure you are not vaping pesticides and other harmful chemicals with it. Organically grown cannabis is slightly expensive than normal cannabis but not more than your health. Vaping organic cannabis makes sure that you only vape potent organic compounds with are good for your overall health. Also make sure you’re vaping excessively because it might also be harmful. You should vape moderately. If you’re vaping concentrated and oils, make sure that you’re only investing in FDA approved premium quality brands. Don’t go for cheap brands of oils and concentrates. 

Right Vaping Technique

High-temp vaping might result in thick clouds and more satisfaction if you’re a cloud chaser but the truth is low-temp vaping is always safer. Sometimes, in the desire for thick clouds, we lose control and raise the temperature above the vaporization point. At this point, the cannabis or the concentrates start to burn and form smoke instead of vapors, which can be dangerous. Therefore, go for low temp vaping and enjoy your vape at a slower pace. Also, draw the shallow puffs as it will be gentle on your throat and lungs.

If you want to vape cannabis safely, all you need to do is invest in the right device and material, and then vape it with the right technique. That’s the key to ensure your safety while you vape. Hope these facts and tips help you make your next vaping experience safer and better!

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