How To Ramp Up Your Vaping Skills

From Beginner To Pro- How To Ramp Up Your Vaping Skills

Vaping is not just a skill but an art. If you master the technique, you can experience sustainable effects. Moreover, you need not worry about irritating your lungs as with smoking. You only have to inhale and exhale like a pro to get the biggest cloud and best high. But the journey from beginner to pro requires effort and understanding of the technique. However, following a few simple tips can make it a tad easier. Here are the ones that can help you ramp up your vaping skills effortlessly.

Invest in premium products

Whether you choose cannabis as an herb, concentrate, or vape juice, quality matters the most. It determines the outcome of your vaping sessions in terms of cloud density, aroma, flavor, and high. Invest only in high-quality products from reputable brands and credible sellers, even if you have to pay a little extra. It is a small price to pay for matching your expectations.

Upgrade your device as you go

As a beginner, you must pick a starter kit and learn the technique for a few months. Gradually, move to more advanced devices once you are comfortable with the basics. You can check an online head shop like KING’s Pipe to explore a broad range of tools for all skill levels. Learn and upgrade as you go, and you will be a pro sooner than you imagine. But be realistic about the pace of learning because you cannot expect one size to fit all. 

Experiment as much as possible

Seasoned vapers recommend that you must experiment as much as possible to gain new skills and get better. Using different forms of cannabis products is an apt way to start. Remember that a session with a concentrate will be very different from vaping a flower. Similarly, you can try vape pens, dab rigs, bongs, bubblers, and glass pipes. The more experimental you get, the more confident you feel, and it takes you a step closer to the pro level.

Go the extra mile with device maintenance

Whichever device you pick for vaping, maintenance is non-negotiable. The way you maintain your device makes a difference between a beginner and a pro. Cleanliness and hygiene elevate the flavors and aroma and make vaping healthier too. Failing with regular cleaning is bad for the overall experience and device longevity. For battery-powered devices, you must recharge regularly and replace batteries when needed. Replace your device when you see signs of damage and aging. 

Follow the best practices

The final advice is to follow the best practices, right from the beginner to pro level. Safety should always be your top priority. So be conscious about the dosage, frequency, and duration of the sessions. It is advisable to have a seasoned user around for your initial sessions. You can go solo later when you feel more comfortable and confident. Navigate the road at a smooth pace, and do not rush into things.

Vaping as a beginner is daunting, but you can achieve a pro status with little work and some practice. Check online videos and get advice from experts to graduate to the next levels.

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