Accelerate your Weed Experience with Must-Try Smoking Options

Accelerate your Weed Experience with Must-Try Smoking Options


Around 200 million people across the world smoke cannabis. And, this whooping data doesn’t include people who don’t report their smoking. However, a question that strikes most minds is what the best way to smoke is? 


Well, the straight answer to this is that smoking option choice varies from one individual to another. While many people are fond of a pipe, others choose bongs as a convenient way of smoking. 


Thus, if you are a beginner or looking to change your smoking style, it is vital to try some fantastic ways of smoking weed. But, before considering these, it is crucial to know the maxims of choosing buds. 


What Do You Need to Know Before Buying Weed?


One of the most important things that guarantee a quality smoking experience is buying the right weed. Thus, it is vital to choose the cannabis dispensary in the best manner. Yes, it should be the one that offers a variety of weed. Or, you can also take assistance from cannabis enthusiasts or look for online customer reviews to make a good purchase at a reasonable price. 


Now that you know how to buy weed, it is vital to shedding light on the ideal ways of smoking weed. 


What Ways Can You Smoke Weed?


Cannabis smokers have several devices at their disposal. These usually include hand pipes, rolling papers, homemade one-time-use appliances, water pipes, among others. Even better is that these swear to provide different smoking experiences and influence the inhaled smoke grade. Some smoking options that must be on your list are:


  • The One-Hitter:


As the name signifies, the one-hitter is a single user device that helps in experiencing smoking. The device has a small tube on one end, and there’s a bowl for cannabis on the other end. 


These devices are easy to carry, and you can consider this option for one-time usage. However, if you plan on sharing it with others, it’ll not be an ideal choice. And, you need to look for more durable options. 


  • The Pipe:


The glass pipe works similarly to the one-hitter device. However, the only difference is that it has a large bowl for filling the buds. 


What’s even better is that these are available in numerous designs. You can opt-in for wood pipes, a color changing glass pipe, metal pipe, and others based on your smoking preferences. 


  • The Bong:


One of the preferred smoking devices among cannabis enthusiasts are bongs. Bongs have different spaces like an ash catcher, bowl, mouthpiece, water reservoir, and joint to hold the stem for improving your smoking experience. 


Bongs are a few smoking devices that enable you to share with friends and take delight in a practical smoking session. Just take care of the regular cleaning process, and you’re all set. 


  • The Dab Rigs:


Bongs and dabs are somewhat similar devices in terms of features and appearances. However, in comparison to bongs, dabs have nail, body, and dab tools. What’s even better is that you can use a dab rig for heating nails with a torch, even when you don’t have a lighter. 


Once it reaches the optimal temperature, you can make use of it. Also, the high potency of dabs should be thought about before using these for beginners or light-hearted smokers. 


The Verdict


Hopefully, you could get a gist of buying the right choice of buds and the devices you can use to make the most of your smoking experience. Select the one that fits your budget and helps you gain all you’re looking for. 


After all, it’s about having a top-notch smoking experience.

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