Concentrates versus Flower : What you need to know.


Concentrates vs Flower; A breakdown of all you need to know


Marijuana has been studied a lot for the various benefits that it is known to offer. The world’s perspective about this psychoactive plant has changed quite a lot for the better. People are now more aware of its effects, positive impacts, and legal status. More and more states are now legalizing the plant not only for medicinal use but also for recreational purposes. If you think of yourself as a cannabis connoisseur, you would definitely know about the ongoing debate about concentrates versus flowers. There is no wrong way to consume cannabis, but there are definitely preferred ones. We have the liberty to discuss these options due to legalization, so let’s go ahead and break it down. 


Popular forms of marijuana

There is actually an abundance of options available to us when it comes to getting high. Adult-use cannabis legalization has helped change the perspective of the nation in the last few years, making it easier for people to discuss their preferred methods. People including food scientists, growers, chemists, and branding strategists have all chimed in about different ways of consuming marijuana. 



The best and most original way of getting high is to crush your flower, roll it up and spark the joint. You can rip a bong, spark a bowl, or even smoke a pipe that is filled with flowers. It is important to get properly cured and dried up cannabis since it enhances the taste, high, and smell. Marijuana is an amazing experience in its original form, be it alone or with a couple of friends. 



Hashish is the most popular kind of concentrate that has been around for a long time. Since modern technology has made advances, we have seen a whole new level of extraction. Specialized equipment and hydrocarbons help make a potent form of hash oil that can be called crumble, budder, resin, wax, shatter, or even sap. Unlike flowers, concentrates need some specific accessories. You can look for dab rigs for sale if you prefer concentrates to flowers. You can even drip some concentrate on top of a joint to have the best of both worlds.


The high

It is important to understand the difference in the high that both these options provide. The potency makes a ton of difference.


  Concentrate high

Concentrates are a highly ‘concentrated’ form of cannabis. If a bud has 27% THC, a concentrate has around 70-80% of THC. Just one hit can result in a much stronger high than what you would get from half a joint. The effect is intense and comes in full force, which is why it is recommended for pros.


  Flower high

The effect of weed by smoking buds is much more mellow. It creeps up on you slowly and gives relaxing effects. It also makes you quite sociable. The effects stay for a while, but do not produce intense effects.


Every stoner has individual preferences about how to get high. It is important to know the effects of both before choosing a path. You can also choose to enjoy both of these in moderation. 

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