Different Ways of a Cannabis Vape – Which is Best for You?



Different Ways of Cannabis Vape – Which is Best for You?

The cannabis and vaping markets in the USA are both growing at a rapid rate. That they go hand-in-hand has helped each sector. With cannabis being legal in many states of the USA – and decriminalized in others – it is now a mainstream product. Furthermore, smoking has been banned in just about all public places. More cannabis users are choosing to vape the weed for various reasons.

In the article that follows we look at why people are choosing to vape rather than smoke, and the different methods of vaping cannabis. 

Why Vape Cannabis?

In the early days of vaping people mainly vaped e-liquids in a variety of flavors. As smoking became less socially acceptable and we began to learn about the dangers involved the vape industry began to evolve. More advanced models of vaping devices and new brands began the expansion. The simple fact is that vaping is safer than smoking as there is no combustion involved. It is the act of burning that creates the tar and other substances that we now know cause lung diseases and even cancer. 

As with any market experiencing growth through popularity the vape market soon began to shape itself.  Online vape shop, Vape4Ever have become popular by selling products such as dry herb vaporizers, dab pens, 510 thread batteries, etc. We will talk more about some of the items mentioned but we now need to consider the different methods of vaping cannabis. Let’s start by explaining the difference between two vaping devices you will come across when you start searching: the vape pen and the dab rig.

Vape Pen or Dab Rig?

The evolution of vaping devices from the original vape ‘mods’ – so called because they were basically other devices modified for the purpose – to today’s popular vape ‘pen’ has been rapid. The vape pen is so called because the original examples were pen-shaped – long and thin – and while some still resemble a pen others are not shaped as such, but the name has stuck.

You will also see a vape pen referred to as a dab pen and while they are essentially the same thing there is a subtle difference that we will come to later. You will come across devices known as dab rigs. The dab rig is the vape equivalent of a bong. Unlike the vape pen it is not a portable device and does not have its own heat source. Instead, it works as a bong – with a ‘dab’ of wax concentrate cannabis heated on a nail and inhaled as you would with a bong.

So, we have the two main types of cannabis vape devices. A vape pen is compact, light and portable and is powered by a rechargeable battery. This is the device to use when on the move. The dab rig you might want to have in the home as it does provide a ‘fuller’ hit than the pen, but it is not for carrying around.

Now we know the distinction we need to look at the different substances that can be vaped. Each is cannabis, but in a different form.

Vaping Cannabis Dry Herb

If you are a fan of the traditional joint, you may like to vape your cannabis in dry herb form. We mentioned above that a vape pen and a dab pen are not quite the same thing. A dab pen is designed to vape concentrate in wax form. Some vape pens can handle all three types of vape cannabis, but for dry herbs we recommend you buy a pen from a reputable retailer that is specifically for vaping cannabis dry herb.

To help you understand the concept better we need to explain how a vape pen works. Every type of vape pen consists of an outer case – usually metal – on which there will be buttons for operation and often LEDs to indicate when the pen is ready to be used. Inside is a battery – known as a 510-thread battery simply because that type has become the industry standard and can be changed easily. The battery heats a coil – also known as an atomizer. This is where the differences arise.

The coil can be made from steel, ceramic, or quartz, and each has its own properties in terms of heat. There will also be a compartment into which the dry herb is placed. When the coil reaches a set temperature it atomizes the cannabis, and the result is a vapor cloud that you inhale through a mouthpiece.

The operation is the same for all types of vape pen, but the difference lies in the type of coil. Many dry herb pens us a stainless-steel coil as this can be tuned to reach the correct temperature. For many users the dry herb route is the preferred method as they enjoy the strength and type of hit more, and it is said to provide more flavor. Now let’s turn our attention to the dab method.

Vaping Cannabis Concentrate

What is concentrate cannabis, and why would you choose to vape cannabis this way? The cannabis plant contains a great many different compounds. One of these is called tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. THC is the compound in cannabis that gives us the ‘high’. When THC is extracted from the plant it forms a waxy compound – this is the concentrate cannabis that is used in a dab pen or dab rig.

What’s special about concentrate? The clue is in the name! A quality marijuana in dry herb form will contain around 20% THC content. In concentrate form, the THC content will be much higher – usually between 60 to 80%. There are some that come close to 100% THC. The difference in vaping this highly potent form of cannabis compared to the leaf form is the much higher and stronger THC hit. However, it is not for everyone. There’s one last method we need to look at, and that’s cannabis oil. 

Vaping Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil is similar to the wax concentrate described above. The difference is that the extraction method used leaves behind not just the THC, but also cannabidiol or CBD. That’s not all, as there are various compounds known as ‘terpenes’ that also remain in cannabis oil (also known as hash oil). THC levels are lower than in wax concentrate thanks to the presence of the other compounds. You will usually find a THC level of around 50%. This product is often purchased in vape cartridges for use with 510 thread batteries. Users who prefer the oil method do so as it provides a different flavor to the above options, thanks largely to the additional compounds left in the mix.


We hope that we have managed to explain as clearly as possible the three main methods of vaping cannabis. The method you choose will come down to your own individual taste. For many who enjoy their marijuana wax concentrate in a dab pen will be the way forward. It is the simplest and most powerful in terms of THC content. Yet there’s always the option to buy both a dab pen and one designed for dry herb use, or one of the ‘3-in-1’ models that come with interchangeable coils for each different substance.

All that remains is for us to say enjoy vaping cannabis!

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