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Exclusive Interview with Clifford Smith of SkyBlue Vapor


How working with a low temperature approach has separated SkyBlue Vapor from the pack


Recently, we had a chance to chat with SkyBlue Vapor, a vape pen and vape accessory brand, and dive into what makes them unique in the field. They were kind enough to let us pick their brains on low temp vapes, the ins-and-outs of running a business, and how to be successful in the cannabis industry. Below is the product of what was an educational and delightful discussion. Check it out!

Tia (AskGrowers) : Why did you guys decide to go with this type of business specifically? Tell us more about your brand and how you started.

SkyBlue Vapor : We had been working on this brand for 2 or 3 years before going live. We’re a small company but we have our benefits on the market despite this fact. So, here you need to understand, if we talk about big types of companies in this industry, for instance, they are mass producing companies. They produce thousands of vaporizers, but we are not like them. The really big push for us was to lower the temperature, and that’s basically how we differ from others. If you’re cooking it too hot, you get it totally tasteless and you need to realize how to make it really good. Imagine the same concept, if we talk about cannabis, you need to operate with certain temperatures. If you get over a certain temperature, you are really going to reduce the terpenes which changes the flavour and all the entourage effect. On top of that when you’re heating it up so hot, you see that technically after being heated it doesn’t cool down that fast. Our approach in this is to have our own materials and make sure that it cools down right after heating it. Me and my business partner, we’ve been doing this for a while, and we understand what people need! Low temperature is our thing.

Tia : At the beginning of our interview, you mentioned that you’re a small company. What channels do you use for promoting your solutions?

SkyBlue Vapor : Primarily it’s online. We use our website. Before COVID-19 we took part in a lot of events, at least once a month for sure, like Freedom Rally in Boston and a lot of similar ones throughout the country.

Tia : What’s your bestseller at the moment?

SkyBlue Vapor : I’d say that it’s probably our Deluxe kit. You see on the website that we have the SkyBlue Original and the Deluxe one is an updated Original kit. We have The SkyBlue Essential and The SkyBlue Essential V. The Original one is really popular, you have 30% off when compared to Deluxe kit. The SkyBlue Essential is popular too, as the price is affordable and works with different types of cartridges.

Tia : Do you have repeat customers?

SkyBlue Vapor : Yeah, we have those. Every business is dependent on permanent clients and that’s how they survive, we wouldn’t be anywhere without them.

Tia : Great! Do you have any discount cards for those types of clients?

SkyBlue Vapor : We don’t have anything like discounts but in our case we have store credits, if anyone leaves a review, or when they have a great experience with our rep; not a lot of companies offer that but some have a reward after bringing a new customer etc. We have a unique approach here, we do have discounts for veterans and medical marijuana patients. For our loyal customers, it’s not necessarily a repeat discount but there’s a lot out there to earn a discount for sure!

Tia : What are the top aspects of SkyBlue that differ you from other brands?

SkyBlue Vapor : I’ve already mentioned the one already, which is low heating temperatures and that basically makes us unique on the market. That’s the №1 reason you’d go with us. №2 – we have the best in the industry lifetime warranties. If you look at other companies, their clients wait for months to get it. Our average time, as long as the customer gets back to us, is less than a week. №3 is that we have incredible customer service. I’ve had a lot of times where clients are calling during the days off for some help and answers; I tried to help them out.

Tia : That’s really cool! Customer service always has a huge impact when you’re diving into a new hobby or industry for the first time. I was also curious about COVID-19. How did it impact your business?

SkyBlue Vapor : I’d say it’s neutral. We don’t have to worry about shifting to online selling, we are already doing it right now. We, of course, see that a lot of people are in tight financial situations right now, so that’s the situation.

Tia : At some point companies have some fun situations with customers, do you remember at least one that happened to your brand?

SkyBlue Vapor : I don’t usually work with one-two clients only, I try to work with all of them. So, there are cases when someone gets back from the army and friends are buying a vape as a present. I just really enjoy our products and helping people. I didn’t mention, but 3% of all our profits go to charity organizations. The cannabis movement organizations and ones that are for legalization in the country. It’s really cool to be able to help people out.

Tia : What organizations do you work with charitably?

SkyBlue Vapor : We’re trying to get vaporizers to veterans, who come home from war. We really like helping these types of organizations that working to help people to feel better.

Tia : What do you think is the biggest issue right now in the cannabis/CBD industry? If we don’t count the legalization in some states in America and the number of countries in Europe, of course.

SkyBlue Vapor : I’d say price and availability on the market. Also, the biggest thing is to make sure people are informed and the way people are informed. I think there are a lot of people who have heard something on the news, or somebody has given them second-hand info. This actually shapes their understanding and impression in the field…  Obviously, I’m not a doctor, but there are a bunch of research works that show the good impact on your body, among many other things. It’s clear as day, but people should be informed about this properly. Secondly, the price should be affordable, it shouldn’t be about just making money!

Tia : Are there any plans for new product rollouts in the near future? If so, anything specific?

SkyBlue Vapor :  We can’t say just yet!  The only thing that I’d say is to stay unique and stay as competitive as possible during these challenging times.

Tia : Cool. So this last question is my favourite one ???? If you had a chance to smoke with anyone in the world, who would that be?

SkyBlue Vapor : That’s a really good question! I’d say that would be Bob Marley. He’s a very wise person.



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