Vaping and Your Job: What You Need to Know

Vaping has become a popular means of relief from stress and anxiety. If you have come to enjoy vaping yourself, you may need to evaluate how that plays into your workplace (somewhere you may feel a little extra stress and anxiety.) Consider how others you work with may feel, what your company’s policies are, and what alternative plans you have access to if necessary.

How Do Others Feel?

Especially within a professional workplace, you should be compassionate toward the comfort of others. This fosters friendly and trusting relationships that can help you in future efforts to interact or coordinate with those coworkers in various branches of your workplace. Assess the comfort of your coworkers with your vaping. Gauge how they react to conversations about vaping and determine whether or not it may be something you want to do freely or if you need to find a private space to do so. While you don’t have to stop vaping based on opinions, you don’t want to alienate everyone you work with to the point that your relationships become distant and unapproachable.

What Does Your Business Say?

Some licenses are restrictive of what you can and cannot do while working. This includes practices like smoking or vaping. Even more important than workplace comfort between your peers is the company’s policies on vaping. Make sure that you are completely aware of your employer’s stance on vaping in or around the premises of the company. Those policies are almost always up to individual employers, so you cannot assume that past experiences in previous workplaces will carry over to every other company! Be transparent with your employer about the use of vapes and ask what exactly their recommendations or preferences are in regards to vaping.

Alternatives and Options

Your business may be totally open to vaping on and around the campus! If, however, there are policies in place that prohibit such activity, you may have to find alternative locations or solutions to your stress relief needs until your workday is done. Look into scheduling a couple of breaks in your workday where you can remove yourself from prohibited areas and enjoy your vape for a short period before returning to work. Alternatively, look into other stress relief strategies that can be easily accessed in the workplace—anything that resets your mind and lessens the tension you feel.

Vaping may be a regular habit that you use to ease the frustrations or strain of daily life, including your career. If that resource isn’t an option at work due to coworker sensitivity or company policy, there are other ways you can find that release! Be aware, experiment, and be patient with yourself.  

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