Top Vape Products 2022: 10 Best Dry Herb Vaporizers to Try in 2022

Brandon Sun Rick Macl, owner of Growers and Smokers on 18th Street North, uses a vaporizer for his medical marijuana, which he has a prescription for, at his shop on Tuesday. (Tim Smith/The Brandon Sun)
  1. Crafty Plus (2021 Model): 

These are from Storz and Bickel, a renowned company making vaping devices for a long time. It has an in-built battery that can be charged in full within twenty-five minutes. Also, it can be used for up to four bowls when fully charged. The company claims to have improved on the heating mechanism for a more quicker operation. Also, they have provided it with better insulation support to maintain a stable and consistent temperature throughout its usage.

  1. FireFly 2+:

These were made by the company firefly itself. These are one of the best dry herb vaporizer available to buy right now in the market. It can be launched within 3 seconds and is the only vaporizer in the market that can dynamically heat the herb across a wide palette of temperatures to extract the maximum benefits possible. Regarding maintenance, it is pretty straightforward. The smooth surface of the glass-based vapor path and the easily accessible magnetic lid makes cleaning and loading up for your next round a piece of cake. Also, the airflow intake has been increased in size by 33 percent, when compared to the previous generation of the model. Also since this vaporizer uses a dynamic convention technology, the wastage is minimized up to a great extent. Also, there are available apps for both desktop and mobile to control the temperature setting between 200°F and 500°F for a more customized experience. 


  1. Davinci IQC Vaporizer:

This vaporizer was made by the Davinci company, which specializes in making portable dry herb vaporizers. These are available with a removable battery and also come with a five-year warranty. They have a smartphone-compatible application for users’ convenience. It has a rather discreet look to it, which if you ask is quite handy especially with a judgemental crowd. But it’s a little bit heavy to carry around for a long. It has a USB type c charging system and it takes about ninety minutes to fully charge. Also, this vaporizer works best with a water pipe adapter or a water bubbler if possible. This vaporizer is backed by a warranty of five years for added customer convenience.

  1.   Tafee Bowle Vaporizer: This vaporizer was made by tafee 

        technologies and is a pretty reliable one. It has an in-built rechargeable battery that can last up to five or six bowls. It utilizes quick charge technology and hence can charge up your vaporizer in under ninety minutes. Although it might seem too flashy or like a tech gimmick at first but once you get to know the product your opinions are bound to be changed. It is mainly due to the vape cup that it looks like that. Regarding its mode of operation, this vaporizer features 100 percent pure convection-based heating. What this essentially means is that the herbs are heated only when you try to inhale and thereby preventing any wastage. Most vaporizers, especially the cheap ones, will heat the herbs continuously in the chamber, regardless of whether you need them or not. The Firefly vaporizer too utilizes this technology. So both of these are highly recommended. Also, this vaporizer comes with a cup for having your favorite drink or similar beverage.

  1. Pax 3 Vaporizer: This vaporizer was made by pax labs and it can operate in the temperate range between 360F to 420F. Also, it has a rechargeable in-built battery of 3500 mAH capacity which can be fully charged in under ninety minutes. It also comes with a manufacturer-backed ten-year warranty for added convenience. It is very easy to carry around and is also relatively lightweight, also it is probably the most durable among the lot and people have used it in all sorts of tough places like the mountains, etc. The frame is made up of aluminum and the surface is polished to give it a shiny mirror-like appearance. Also, keep in mind this polished surface is what makes it scratchy and susceptible to minor dents quite very often. It has a battery capacity of 3500mAH.










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