The Importance of a Quality Cartridge

Cannabis has wonderful medicinal properties, and can relieve us from joint pressure and back aches. Beyond this, it can make our lives more colorful and chill. There’s so many ways to reap the benefits of cannabis, with cartridges and vape pens becoming one of the most popular methods.

The main reason for this is due to convenience. Cartridges are simply easier to use and carry around compared to flower and most edibles. If you’re looking for a discreet way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis, cartridges are probably your best bet!

Using cannabis cartridges is a growing trend around the world – especially in areas that have legalized marijuana use. It’s one of the industry’s fastest growing segments and in some areas cartridges and vape pens are the preferred method for enjoying marijuana.

Like any rapidly growing industry, the number of companies which have started producing their own cartridge-related products, including additives and flavorings, has risen sharply. This is great for having a variety of products available, but also has led to the real risk of imitation products which sometimes contain harmful chemicals. SkyBlue always completes thorough background checks on its products to make sure we deliver the best product and we highly recommend our customers do the same when it comes to buying cartridges! It’s important to buy a product that is lab-tested and well reviewed.

Types of Cartridges

Plastic Wick

These cartridges are usually the most affordable but need to be used with concentrates that have a low viscosity because the wick can’t handle thick oils. That said, if you are just trying out vaping or want to experiment with a few different concentrates these might be for you.

Glass and Metal

Glass and metal cartridges are the premium standard of cartridge design. They offer flexibility regarding atomiser material and can suit your needs across a spectrum of concentrates and viscosities. They’re usually more expensive but definitely more effective and cost-friendly in the long term because they preserve much more of the product being vaporized. Additionally, they won’t melt at high temperatures and generally produce a cleaner flavor.


Most of the aforementioned cartridge types come in the standard 510 threaded battery insert. These tanks can be used with any battery that receives 510 threading, and now almost all battery tanks come in this form – including SkyBlue Vapor’s.

Regardless of the cartridge type, its contents needed to be filled at the right viscosity, otherwise the oils will be either too thick or too thin to vaporize correctly. Here’s a rundown of oil types:


Distillates are highly refined oils containing pure cannabinoids. They’re produced from a variety of starting materials (buds, stems, etc) – really any hash oil variety can be purified into a distillate with the right equipment. However, because there aren’t any residual terpenes left behind there isn’t anything to lower the viscosity of the material. For distillates to be used in cartridges thinning agents must be used.

CO2 Oils:

Certain quality winterized CO2 oils are compatible with vape cartridges because they don’t require additional additives to reach the desired viscosity levels needed for proper vaporization. High quality CO2 oils usually retain some plant-based terpenes which provide strain-specific flavors, in addition to acting as natural thinning agents.

What about additives?

If natural terpenes aren’t enough to lower the viscosity of a distillate then an additive of some sort may be introduced. This is where you need to be careful, as various substances such as polyethylene glycol (PEG), propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG) or even fats (specifically medium chain triglycerides like coconut oil) have been used. While the aforementioned substances have been studied quite a bit – see for example a study here on vegetable glycerin vaporization and inhalation – you need to be aware of the quality of the additives and whether or not other substances might be used to lower the viscosity of the oil in your cartridge.

CBD and Cannabinoid-Specific Cartridges:

Over the last few years more and more cannabinoid-specific cartridges have hit the market, each providing different effects depending on the concentration of different strain-specific compounds. In addition to these, there’s also been a sharp rise in high CBD cartridges targeting people seeking a specific medical benefit. Check out our recent article Benefits of CBD and Why You Should Vape It for more on this.

Choose Wisely

SkyBlue Vapor vaporizers are designed for use with 510 cartridges, which is the industry standard and gives you the greatest flexibility when choosing which cartridges to use. That said, your experience will only be as good as the material you use – so make sure you choose a high-quality cartridge that doesn’t contain potentially harmful or untested additives.  The best method to find legitimate is to buy your cartridge from a licensed dispensary that requires testing and regulation.  Our team personally recommends the following brands:




Remember to use caution with legality of products in your region.  SkyBlue Vapor provides information for our visitors to make their own informed decisions.  Enjoy!

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