SkyBlue International – A New Way To Pay

We are greatly excited to introduce our new International Banking & Payment Processing solution!

For those of you who have been with us since the start, you may have noticed a time or two where our online payments were simply not working. You may have even noticed when our blog has gone offline.  Many times this was due to overzealous domestic banks who give companies like ours a hard time and simply shut down our ability to process any payments online or even post educational articles about cannabis…  Luckily, we have got that finally figured out.

This time around we have solved this problem not just temporarily, but for the foreseeable future.

What this means for you, the consumer :

  • Everything is exactly the same as before, except a whole lot smoother!  It’s safe and secure with no delays in ordering or processing payments.
  • Our monthly articles will continue to provide you with vape / cannabis news without skipping a beat.
  • We are now able to (drum roll please….) SELL CBD PRODUCTS ONLINE!  We’ve got the best, check it out.

Not only did we improve the ordering process for you, we improved what you can order with us!  It’s a win win situation.

What is different about SkyBlue International payments?

For you, not much is different.  For us, we now have a bank in the UK to process payments for us.  The reason we chose to go this route was due to the above mentioned troubles of being shut down and censored by multiple processors.  Due to current banking regulations and laws, credit card processors based in the U.S. are not able to provide their services for CBD or Hemp related businesses.  Simply put, most domestic banks do not want to and will not work with Vaporizer, Hemp, Medical Cannabis, or CBD companies.  In order to provide you the ability to purchase CBD or Hemp products online we have secured a credit card processor based in the UK. Since we made the change, we can now offer unrestricted access to our vapes and new CBD products!

However, it is worth noting that depending on the strictness level of your bank, your transaction may be denied due to it being an overseas transaction.  If that is the case, you might see an error message such as this :

“Declined by Authorization System”

This just means that your bank denied a foreign transaction and needs to be approved before purchasing.

Due to our processor being based in the UK if the transaction declines it may require a call to your card issuing bank to authorize the transaction.  Rest assured, everything is safe and sound here and your bank will have the information and tools needed to help you.

Enjoy the smooth sailing from here on out with SkyBlue Vapor.

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