Why You Shouldn’t Panic Over Vaping

While many people across the United States enjoy vaping, some have gotten spooked by reports of severe respiratory illnesses and even death following the use of electronic cigarettes. Several hundred people experienced symptoms similar to those of pneumonia, some experienced seizures and a few even died. Many of the people who fell ill were smoking THC, the active component of marijuana that produces the sensation of being high, in addition to using an assortment of other flavored vapes. According to Khonsari Law Group, vaping THC oil is still illegal in some states where marijuana is illegal. Following these dramatic illnesses and deaths, politicians across the country are pressing for the ban of many unrelated flavored vaping products as well.

What Experts Say

Are electronic cigarettes truly to blame for these numerous instances of sickness and death? In short, claims that these unfortunate events have been directly caused by vaping are unsubstantiated by expert data. While many government officials who are already set against vaping are eager to seek out a direct correlation between e-cigarettes and these recent bouts of illness and untimely deaths, the data cited to support their claims is often skewed or incomplete. For instance, the thirty-five reported cases of seizures after vaping occurred over the course of nearly a decade, which can hardly be considered a nationwide epidemic.

The Likely Culprit

The vast majority of the vape users who fell victim to these disturbing cases of lung illness were found to have been smoking THC cartridges, not properly regulated e-cigarette juice. Additionally, most of the victims who had been smoking THC cartridges had gotten them through illegal black market purchases. The evidence on hand strongly supports a correlation between illnesses and the vaping of illegal THC cartridges that have been cut with toxic thickening agents. According to Inverse, the most likely component to blame for illnesses and deaths is synthetic Vitamin E acetate, which has been linked with potentially fatal conditions like lipoid pneumonia.

An illegal vaping operation was just recently busted in Wisconsin, and unfortunately, it’s extremely unlikely to be the only one. Illegal substances are obviously unregulated and often subject to very poor quality control. However, most vaping products you buy in legitimate stores won’t make you sick. 

How to Avoid Contaminated Cartridges

So, what’s a concerned vaping enthusiast to do? The best thing you can do is to buy only from reputable dealers in order to avoid contaminated cartridges. When you purchase THC cartridges from legitimate stores, you have more reassurance that they’ve been tested for quality and safety in order to meet with the current standards. Always remember that black market THC cartridges can contain all kinds of unregulated ingredients, some of which are extremely toxic. They should be avoided at all costs. According to Weed Maps, buying vaping products in legitimate stores will help you to make sure that what you’re buying is the real deal and not a black-market item. Other red flags include suspiciously low pricing below market value and products sold without any packaging. However, if you purchase reputable cartridges from a good dealer who adheres to safety standards, you should have nothing to worry about. 

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