What to Know About Living in a Cannabis-Friendly State

As of today, a majority of states have enacted some framework of protection for marijuana users. However, the federal government maintains its ban on THC, although it has legalized CBD. This continued prohibition can have negative consequences even for marijuana users in states where it is legal. Additionally, cannabis-friendly states have specific laws governing marijuana use and production, which should be learned by all marijuana users so as to avoid the repercussions of criminal law.

Treat Your Local Cannabis Laws Like Alcohol Laws

Although cannabis may be legal in your state, it is still regulated, meaning there are rules and limits to its consumption and production. In most jurisdictions, you can eventually be charged with a misdemeanor or felony if you go outside the legal framework in place. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the possession limitations in your city as well as the transportation restrictions. Also, know where you can legally consume cannabis when you’re not at home. The more you know about your local cannabis laws, the fewer legal headaches you’ll have.

Jobs Will Still Test for Marijuana in Your System

The permission to use marijuana medically or recreationally is no protection from employee drug testing. Even though some states have legalized it, keep in mind that marijuana is still illegal on the federal level, so federal employees are routinely drug tested. In general, jobs will announce their intention to test you for marijuana before and sometimes during your employment, so you shouldn’t consume any THC before a test. How long before depends on each user, but most tests will pick up the metabolite in your system up to and over 30 days from your last consumption if you’re a heavy user. If you’re a light user, then the metabolite should disappear sooner. Beware that some employers conduct random drug testing.


Consume Cannabis Discreetly and Responsibly


Cannabis laws are still being settled, and society is still getting used to having this once demonized plant as a legitimate commodity in the marketplace. If you’re lucky enough to be in a state that protects marijuana users, consume cannabis discreetly and respectfully, and you’ll help the community at large get used to having it around. That doesn’t mean you can’t use fun accessories in your home or that you have to hide it. Just be responsible about your consumption in public.

Cannabis consumption and production may be legal in your state, but that status comes with regulations. Additionally, at the federal level, marijuana is illegal; you can face criminal penalties and negative employment consequences by consuming it, even if it’s legal in your state.

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