What It Takes to Dab like a Pro

What does it take to Dab Like a Pro?

Unless you have not been living under the rocks, you must be aware of the increasing demand and craze of dabbing. It won’t be wrong to say that dabbing has taken the world by storm. But if you are still unaware of this world and its charm, here’s everything for you. 

What is dabbing?

Let’s begin with the basics. Dabs are a concentrated form of herbs or plants. Basically, it’s a process involving extracts or solvents from chemical compounds. Finally, the finished product is a goopy oil referred to as budder, wax, or shatter. Dabbing is a modern way of relishing herbs enriched with different medicinal properties. 

The extracted oil or concentrates are heated on a heated surface in the dabbing process to let you inhale its goodness at its best. This process is ideal for those who are comfortable with inhaling the concentrated smoke or vapor, leaving an immediate impact on their body and mind. Talking about beginners to this experience, consider practicing it under the supervision of an expert or begin with a low concentration amount. 

If you are someone who wishes to excel in this domain, then here is all you should be practicing. 

Tip no. 1 – Use gloves – For once, this may seem a little neurotic, but it will help you get down to the good dabbing process. Dab packs come in extraordinary flavors with a sticky and slimy texture. Here, handling the concentrated wax with bare hands can leave residue on your hands. Plus, you are likely to hamper its pure essence with an unhygienic touch. Therefore, the best practice is to put your gloves on and enjoy the best of the dabbing substance. 

Tip no. 2 – Low the heat – If you belong to a dabbing community, you must have heard of horror dabbing stories where people often smoke the entire substance in minimal vapes. Excessive heat may let you enjoy the strongest vapes, but it will reduce your vaping span too. And believe it or not, this practice may make you experience some chest pain too. So, why hamper your experience and health when you can enjoy it to the fullest? All you need is to heat the substance slowly to enjoy its smoke gradually. 

Tip no. 3 – Choose the right kit – Enjoying your dabbing experience makes no sense until you don’t have your hands on the best dab kits available in the market. No wonder there are many options available, but that’s the challenge. You should be good enough to pick a suitable kit for yourself. For this, consider a reliable store or brand that sells a complete dab kit without letting you buy different sub-products separately. This may hamper your dabbing times. 

Tip no. 4 – Make use of a carb cap – This is a carburetor designed for the dab rig. It limits the airflow while helping you enjoy the most out of your dabbing times for a long time. 

The bottom line is that – 

Dabbing is a preferred way of ingesting the maximum amount of concentrates. It helps you inherit the best in no time. All you require is to handle dabbing with the proper technique and kit. 

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