What are the Many Ways of Consuming Marijuana?

A Newbie to Cannabis- What are the Many Ways of Consuming Marijuana?


Are you a newbie to cannabis? If yes, then you might be surfing through the internet to find ways of kickstarting your cannabis journey. 


Kudos, you’ve just landed on a reliable source. Reading on, you’ll discover that there are numerous ways of consuming cannabis. And, the best part is that these go beyond the brownie or oil, which many people usually consume. If the slang has left you scratching your head, then don’t fear. 


Given below are some of the most popular ways of consuming marijuana so that you’re able to decide for yourself the best way to enjoy this fantastic herb. 


Let’s get going with discovering what these are:


  • Smoking or Combustion:


One of the most popular ways of consuming cannabis is smoking it. Cannabis enthusiasts undertake the smoking process through many devices, which can be anything from blunts and cannabis joints to pipes, bongs, and pinch hitters. 


Some popular ways for the people who’re still embarking on the journey are rolling it up by packing a bowl through a bong load. 


  • Vaporization- Vape Pens or Desktop


Vaporizing cannabis( concentrates or flowers) is a famous consumption choice for people who’re concerned about their overall health. Yes, cannabis is vaporized through marijuana vapes, which enhance safe caloric intake. 


Vaporization works wonders by heating the product to a temperature somewhere between 300 and 400 degrees. Make sure that the device is hot enough to cause cannabinoid evaporation and cool enough to avoid combustion. Vaporization either occurs through convection or conduction. 


Since different products vaporize at different temperatures, it is vital to look for an adjustable temperature for a vape pen or other vaping devices. 


  • Oral Ingestion or Edibles:


Researching online or visiting a marijuana dispensary, you’re sure to come across a wide variety of edibles. Know that these range from cannabis drinks, candies, baked goods, and cooking oils. 


It can be a fun adventure to explore all these. However, edibles can be intimidating as their effects usually last longer when cannabis is inhaled. And, after ingesting them, there’s no turning back. 


Although edibles have the fundamental essence of having fun, these can be a great way of managing health conditions, specifically pain and sleep issues. There’s strong evidence that sheds light on how cannabis helps in reducing chronic pain symptoms and moderates other health conditions. 


  • Dabbing Concentrates:


Dabbing is the process of consuming cannabis concentrates through a device known as a rig. Know that this device is similar to a bong or a water pipe. However, there are some significant differences, apart from the substance used. 


Firstly, the components you need for hitting the dab rig are different. For instance, it doesn’t use a bowl on a stem; instead, it uses a dab rig that features a nail. The heating method is also different. 


Dabbing uses a butane torch for heating the nail before the concentrate even touches it. Thus, when heating the nail, make sure that the piece is glowing red hot. Also, the temperature is pretty high, so ensure cooling down the nail for a few seconds before taking a hit. 


Note that dabbing is a safe method and combines a bong’s nostalgia and a vaporizer’s health benefits. 


The Bottom Line


Well, the ways of paving a path to cannabis consumption are many. And, the good news is that each one comes with its own set of experiences. It can be anything from a simple doob to something like a fancy dab. 


Dive deep into the world of cannabis consumption and share your favourite way of consuming marijuana.

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