The Path to Legalization in Pennsylvania

“Pennsylvania, pursue your happiness.” That’s the current state slogan, and with its beautiful mountains and valleys it’s a slogan not far off from the truth. But for Marijuana advocates, it’s been quite a frustrating place to be for many years. While Oregon decriminalized its use in 1973 and California made medicinal cannabis legal in 1996, […]

PA Safe Access & SkyBlue Vapor Join Forces

PA Safe Access

It’s hard to understate the importance that medical marijuana advocacy organizations have played in the last 10 years toward changing state policy. Whether we’re talking about the Alliance for Cannabis Therapeutics, NORML, or Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access, each has helped mobilize supporters to push common-sense drug legislation throughout the United States. Here in Pennsylvania, […]

Your Complete Introduction To : “Concentrates”

❀ Concentrates: An Introductory User’s Guide What Are Herbal Concentrates + Why Should We Care? Cannabis concentrates, sometimes referred to as extracts (short for “extractions”), are concentrated consumables. Many extracts are derived from dried and cured cannabis flower. Live extracts use fresh-frozen whole cannabis flower. Concentrates offer what many believe to be the best flavor, […]