Tips To Enjoy Better Vaping Experience With Your Bong

Tips To Enjoy Better Vaping Experience With Your Bong


Most people believe that vaping is only possible with vape pens and concentrates or extracts. But that’s not true.


To your surprise, you can also enjoy a vaping session with your regular bong and cannabis buds.


Wondering how?


Well, the easy answer is by attaching a vape kit to your regular bong. The vaporizer should produce the smoke or the vapes, which would then pass through the water pipe on your bong.


And to your surprise, vaping with a bong has several additional benefits to offer as compared to vaping without it.


Nonetheless, you can further enhance your vaping session with a bong in the following ways.


Keep reading to fill yourself with the vaping tips using a bong.


Go For A Bigger Bong


Although a bigger bong would usually be heavier than a smaller one, they are still more stable. 


Besides, there are other benefits of using big bongs for your vaping session. 


Consider this; a smaller bong would usually not collect a lot of vapes. On the contrary, a bigger bong would be able to collect large clouds of vapor. 


Apart from this, attachment features such as a percolator can further enhance the quality and quantity of the vapors. 


In short, it is better to go for a bigger bong than a smaller one.


Choosing The Right Vaporizer


The first thing you’ll need is a vaporizer that you can attach with your bong.


Most manufacturers offer a water pipe adapter (WPA) with the kit.


If your bong didn’t come with a WPA attachment, you could find it separately too.


But make sure that it is compatible with your bong kit. Usually, every WPA comes with a different size of mouthpiece.


So, what you need to ensure is that the mouthpiece fits your bong kit rightly.


Know Your Connector Size


Speaking of compatibility, you need to pick the attachment that can fit into your joint firmly.


Most common bong sizes that are preferably used for vaping range between 14mm and 18mm.


As a rule of thumb, the larger the size of your joint, the better.


Besides, regardless of the size mentioned with your bong, you should still check the fit before making the final purchase.


For instance, a bong joint that mentions 18mm size might still be a little loose or tight, maybe the thickness of hair. And know that it is enough to facilitate air leakage.


Fill Your Bong Just Right


Many vaping and dabbing enthusiasts make this mistake, especially newbies – they overfill their bong.


Although it might feel right to have more water to filter the vapors, it is not suggested. The reason being, overfilling your bong can create splashes of water when you start your vaping session. And this could ruin your experience.


Besides, overfilling your bong would also mean that the pipe would collect fewer vapors which is again not desirable.


So, what you need to do is check your bong for the water level to get the best experience. You can do this by filling your bong with water and pulling air from it. If you feel splashes on your lips, drain a little water out and repeat the process until you get the right level.


Go Slow And Steady


Lastly, it is best to go slow on your vaping session at the start and gradually increase the pace. This way, you’d be able to enjoy your vapors for longer and taste the rich flavors too.

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