Some First Time Vaping Tips & Tricks for Beginners

vaping tips

Vaping seems intriguing and intimidating to those who are just going to start. Beginners are prone to making many vaping mistakes on their first vape kit, oil selection, and taking hits as well. As a beginner, you might have many questions in your mind. You could use some pro tips and tricks for a smooth and satisfying vaping experience.

We have compiled a list of 10 best vaping advices we can give to a beginner. These tips would cover almost everything you should know before taking your first hit:

1.    Do Not Invest in Cheap Vape Kits

We have seen many beginners making this mistake because most of them are used to buying $10 pack of cigarettes, and they feel a bit reluctant to buy a vaping device of $50. Well, first of all, do not compare the pack of cigarettes to your vape pen. Just keep in mind that you are investing in quality and your vaping device is going to last much longer than the pack of cigarettes. On the other hand, buying cheap vaping kits will ruin your whole vaping experience even for the first time.

2.    Replace Smoking by Vaping, But Slowly

There are thousands of articles on the internet about vaping being a healthier alternative to smoking, and many people start vaping for the same reason. No matter how promising these articles look, you will not be able to replace smoking by vaping completely at first. The whole process of quitting smoking is going to be a challenge, and it will definitely take time. You might also feel the symptoms of withdrawal. Vaping and smoking may have many similarities, but they sure have many differences too, and unfortunately, the differences outnumber similarities. Therefore, be prepared because quitting smoking completely is still going to be hard.

3.    Follow the Instructions

Each vaping kit comes with its own set of instructions which you need to follow if you want a smooth and enjoyable vaping experience. Take time to learn about your new product, how to use it, and do not break it in the process. You can ask for a demonstration from an expert on how to set up your vaping device for the first time and how to clean it up after using it. You can read online reviews and learn from the experiences of other users.

4.    Avoid Addiction

Well, if you want to avoid addiction, choose the right oils, herbs, and concentrates for you. Stay away from nicotine as this can make you a vaping addict. Always go for healthier herbs and oils.

5.    Invest in Premium Oils

Vaping is all about taste, and it’s highly promoted because it has hundreds of flavors to offer. Putting a little extra money in your oil is always a great idea because investing in premium oils offers you rich flavors and a satisfying taste which you will not be able to find in cheap e-liquids. Low-quality essential oils often contain impurities which can make you sick. Go for the essential oil brand that sells premium quality oils which only contains medical-grade & food-grade ingredients. Apart from the quality, choose the flavors that you love. You’ll find plenty online.

6.    Keep Your Batteries Clean

Keeping your vape kit’s battery clean is very important to make sure your kit functions properly. If you don’t maintain battery hygiene, the ejuice residue will start building upon the walls of the battery. It will jeopardize the battery’s ability to stay charged and function properly. You can clean the battery compartment after use with the help of damp cloth or wipes.

7.    Always Keep Important Supplies with You

Vaping requires carrying a many supplies with you. Most important supplies you should keep with you are extra coils, extra battery or vape pen charger, vape storage kits, e-liquids, cloth or wipes to clean the device, dab slabs, etc.

8.    Replace Your Coils Regularly

Your coils should always be functional for fine vaping. They need replacement from time to time in order for your vape pen to function properly. You’ll that that your coil needs replacement when you start getting the burnt taste in your vapors. You will also notice a lot of residue on your coils. Therefore, always carry a couple of coils with you to replace the worn-out ones.

9.    Stay Up-To-Date With Your Local Laws

There are many claims that vaping is good for health, yet some governments are still not up-to-date with the information and consider vaping as a punishable offense, just like smoking weed or doing drugs or just smoking in public. So, stay informed about your local laws. Generally, where smoking is banned, vaping is too. You can vape freely on your private property but do not vape in public if smoking is banned in your city or state. Also, respect the choices of people who haven’t chosen this lifestyle. Try not to vape in front of other people who do not vape.

10. Experiment to Improvise

Once you are all caught up with the basics and have learned to vape properly, you can always experiment to redefine the vaping experience for yourself and enjoy it more. You can take recommendations and tips from your friends to enhance your vaping experience and choose the vaping style that you enjoy the most. Vaping is all about innovation and improvisation. Keep trying new things because there is no harm in trying.

There is a lot to learn about vaping, and it will all come to you with experience. Meanwhile, enjoy the process and live every moment of it.

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