SkyBlue Official Statement : Covid-19 Coronavirus

A message from the CEO at SkyBlue Vapor :


Today we face uncertain times for millions of Americans and the rest of the world for that matter.  We must stand together and do our part in reducing the spread of the Covid-19 Coronavirus.  Here in Pennsylvania that means all non-essential businesses are to close up shop.  It goes without saying but I feel it must be said anyway that this is certainly going to affect us all in a way that we have never seen in our lifetimes.  Luckily for SkyBlue, we are mainly an online business with little to no interaction with the public aside from events that we attend (many of which are now cancelled). With that being said, please continue reading below to see how we handle the Covid-19 Coronavirus.

As you may or may not know, SkyBlue has served thousands of satisfied customers since starting business officially in 2015.  Even though we have grown we are a small business with less than 10 employees and less than 5 full time employees.  This makes managing our current operations much easier in terms of safety, sanitation, and health of our employees. Here are our procedures with shipping out all orders :

  • Our shop is closed to the public. Only 1 employee is in the shop at a time assembling and shipping out orders.  Once our SkyBlue team member is done with orders for the day, they drop the package directly off at a USPS drop box, thus limiting exposure to others.
  • Every employee MUST WASH THEIR HANDS before beginning any kind of assembly.
  • Each employee that comes into work MUST BE HEALTHY. If any employee feels any bit unwell they will be staying home. Thankfully, we are all feeling well and are employing “Social Distancing” practices to maintain our good health.
  • All packaging material and products are kept clean and sterile in our shop as nobody enters except for said employee.
  • Packages are wiped down with sanitary alcohol wipes as an added means of sterilization. It is good to note that even so the virus cannot remain on packages very long before dying so everything we send out is good to go before it even reaches your door.

I’d like to take a brief second to reiterate the fact that we are a very small business and that we will do our best to maintain what we have created through this hardship.  We are doing our best to keep our employees paid and to keep everyone here above water.  As of today, SkyBlue will be discounting the store up to 30% off to give you the best deal possible while giving us a chance to bring more sales in. Every penny counts as of now. Even though our shop doors are ordered to be closed to the public, we still have rent to pay and we still have employees counting on us.  If you would consider it, all of our SkyBlue Clothing Merchandise has been discounted to just above cost so that we may give incentive for our customers to buy from and support us.  You can get our Novelty T-Shirts for only $7.50 and our 100% MADE IN THE USA T-Shirts for $9.99. From the bottom of our hearts, we appreciate you now as we always have.

On a closing note, time frames are still in line with our shipping policies but that may be subject to change at any time. The USPS is keeping open and will continue to ship out to the best of their abilities. Please keep this in mind with all our services as we are adapting with the new changes in the nation at this time.

Thank you all for your time, patience, and consideration in this matter. We are all in this together.  If you have a particular business that aligns with ours, please send us an email to so we may connect and collaborate to help each other out. We are more than a business, we are a local community and a family of the human race. Stay strong, stay healthy!


Nicholas Martens

Executive President & CEO of SkyBlue Vapor

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