Dry Herb Atomizer

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Designed for use with The SkyBlue Vapor™Original Vape Pen

With one simple click, turn our vape pen into a herbal vaporizer as well. Our dry herb atomizer is designed specifically for your finest herbs or “dry” concentrates. Typically, this would be the material under the screen of an herbal grinder. Need to pack in more?  Simply remove the loading spring connected to the chamber cover and double the amount you can pack in!  Refer to https://skybluevapor.com/faq/ for more info on how to use your herbal atomizer.

For size reference, the following will display how many pulls can be expected before a repack is necessary, depending on the material used :

  • Dry Herbal Flower : 3-5
  • Dry Herbal Pollen : 4-6
  • Pressed Pollen : 6-10

Due to the discreet nature of our pen, the dry herbal atomizer will be smaller than some users require depending on your needs and material available to you.  This atomizer works well with the dry herbal flower but works best with dry herbal concentrate!

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