SkyBlue Lifetime Warranty Request

Our technical support team is top in the industry and ready to get you back to vaping in no time!  Please answer the following questions in the comment box below.  Your responses help our team members to quickly and effectively solve any problem.

1.) What is your order number?

2.)  Which product(s) are working improperly?

3.) What exactly is happening when you are attempting to use said products?

** Please provide as much detail as possible as well as a photo / video. **

4.)  When did you first notice the problem?

5.)  Does this problem exist with all atomizers, cartridges, or without any atomizer or cartridge attached?

6.)  If a replacement is needed, what would be the best current address for you?

Please respond to the questions above in as much detail as you can. Include any additional information you may have.

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