How to Use a Dab Rig to Get Maximum Effect from Your Concentrates?

How to Use a Dab Rig to Get Maximum Effect from Your Concentrates?


Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned consumer of marijuana concentrates, it’s essential to know how to use a dab skillfully, so you get maximum effectiveness and minimum wastage. And if you are someone looking for just the thing, this blog is for you. Take a seat and find out the best dabbing routine you can adapt to get max effectiveness and minimum wastage from your concentrates. Let’s start with the essential types of equipment you’ll need:


A Water Pipe 


These pipes look like classic bongs. Find the ones that are at least 8 inches long. You can easily find them from any local weed dispensary in your area.  


A Torch 


The torch you usually use at home will do the job here. If you don’t have it in your home right now, you can find it at any convenience store. However, if you know how to do dabs without a torch, finding a torch for your rigs won’t be an issue anymore. Moreover, with this technique, you save more and get maximum results from your concentration. 




To find the most suitable concentrates according to your needs, you can visit your nearest dispensary or even use online weed delivery services to get a hold of your goods. These concentrates are extracted and refined from high-quality cannabis plants, providing consumers with multiple health benefits.  


Now you have everything you need, so let’s find out:


How to Use a Dab Rig: Step-By-Step


Step #1: Grab your rig and fill it with sufficient water. Make sure it creates bubbles when you pull air through the rig.


Step #2: Find the nail and put it inside the joint. Use a dabber, scoop out the required amount of concentrate, and make sure you put it at the end of the dabber tool, so it comes off easily. 


Step#3: Find a torch and heat your nail. If you don’t have a nail, you can still use the dab rig. Once you are done using the torch, make sure you put it away, as it may risk cracking the glass. 


Step #4: Wait for the nail to cool down. Better if you are using an e-mail, which allows you to use a dab rig without a torch. Moreover, it gives you the most remarkable experience when consuming concentrates with a dab rig. 


Next, you’ll find few tips on how you can take your dabbing experience to the next level:


Tips for Your Perfect Dab Routine


  • When using a traditional dab rig, make sure you let the nail cool down to the appropriate temperature.  
  • Make sure your rig is clean every time you use it. Properly clean it by sanitizing the mouthpiece with fresh wipes.


  • Another good practice is to remove any residue left in the dabber. So you get an enhanced experience every time you use it.  


These few practices will ensure you get the maximum effectiveness from your concentrates and your dabbing routine.



Wrapping Up


When you want to get the best out of your concentration, keeping in mind a few essential things goes a long way. So, the next time you grab your rig, make sure you follow these steps and get the most out of your dabbing experience. 

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