Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Here you may browse our knowledge base that we update regularly.  99% of your questions can be answered here.  Please be sure to read the instructions included with your SkyBlue Vapor Pen Kit before use!

How do I turn my pen on?

With your pen in hand, click the silver power button with the SkyBlue cloud on it 5 times to unlock and turn on your pen. To turn your pen off, click the power button 5 times again to lock the battery.

How do I know when my pen is fully charged?

Your pen is fully charged when the red indicator light at the base of the battery has turned off. This process may take 2-3 hours for a fully depleted battery.

Before I use my pen, how do I activate the Lifetime Warranty?

There is no need to activate your Lifetime Warranty.  The only time you will need to do anything with your Lifetime Warranty is in the event where you need to make a claim.  If there is nothing wrong with your SkyBlue Vapor products then sit back, relax, and enjoy!

More information regarding our Lifetime Warranty policy and procedures can be found here : www.skybluevapor.com/lifetime-warranty/

What are the technical specifications of the SkyBlue Vapor™ Pen?

Here are the specs on our pen!

  • Working Voltage / Current :  DC 3.3V to 4.2V
  • Atomizer Resistance : 2.3 – 2.6 Ω
  • Charge Time : 1-2 Hours
  • Heating Time : Automatic Shut Off After 15 Seconds
  • Atomizer Temperature : Approx. 400 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • LED Flash : 8x Indicates Low Battery
  • LED Flash : 5x Indicates Timeout (Auto Shut Off)
  • Vape Pen Weight : Approx. 1 oz
  • Vape Pen Dimensions : Approx. 4 inches tall, 3/4 inch wide, 1/2 inch thick

Here are the specs on the makeup of our atomizers!

  • FDA Food Grade Ceramics
  • Si02 Quartz
  • Environmental Titanium
  • Medical Grade Stainless Steel
  • Pure Cotton Wick
How do I use my pen?

The SkyBlue Vapor Pen is made up of three main parts:

  1. The Battery. This is longest piece of the pen. The battery is where you will connect your atomizer, charge your pen, and find the power button to use your pen. This piece has our logo towards the bottom.
  2. The Atomizer. Our pen kits come equipped standard with a concentrate atomizer. When using the atomizers remember this; Less is more.  Use a small amount of concentrate for best results. This piece sits on top of the battery. If you would like to use a different material such as herbal or essential oil blends, you will need to switch atomizers.
  3. The Mouthpiece. The mouthpiece will sit on top of the atomizer and will be the same color as your pen.  This is where you will draw the vapor from. The mouthpiece is used with every concentrate atomizer and the herbal atomizer. This keeps everything inside the pen nice and discreet!

Once you understand these main parts the pen is simple. Remove the mouthpiece, load your material, put the mouthpiece back on, turn your pen on, then press the power button down and pull through the mouthpiece when you are ready to use! Our Glass Globe , Slim Oil Cartridge , and Glass Oil Cartridge come with their own mouthpiece attached. All you have to do is connect the chosen atomizer to your battery, load your material, and you are set!

How does the 3 in 1 feature work with your pen?

The SkyBlue Vapor Pen works with all concentrates, herbs, and oils.  To use each type of material you will need a specific atomizer depending on what you want to use.  Our pen works best with concentrates so we have included the SkyBlue concentrate atomizer with every pen kit.  When you buy a SkyBlue pen you are ready to use concentrates right out of the box.  If you want to use dry herbs you will simply need our herbal atomizer! And if essential oils are something you wish to enjoy then any of our Oil Cartridges will do the job just fine. To use a different material all it takes is an easy atomizer switch that can be done in seconds.

Each atomizer can be purchased alone or you can save some money with our more popular option; The SkyBlue Vapor Deluxe Edition offers 5 of our high end atomizers all included so you can enjoy concentrates, herbs, and oils right away!

Here you can find our entire selection of atomizers : www.skybluevapor.com/shop/atomizers

Here you can find our Deluxe Edition Pen Kit : www.skybluevapor.com/product/skyblue-vapor-deluxe

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Which atomizers can I use with CONCENTRATES?

We have a wide variety of atomizers for you to enjoy many types of concentrates with. Let’s break it down into three categories based on which experience you are looking for.

  • Overall Best For Flavor, Concentrate Preservation, & Vapor Production
  • Overall Best for Flavor & Terpene Preservation
  • Overall Best For Heavy Vapor Production

Our overall best atomizer for concentrates is the SkyBlue Vapor Concentrate Atomizer. This atomizer is best for all day use and getting the most out of your concentrates. This is why we have included it with every pen kit! You can find our SkyBlue Vapor Atomizer here : www.skybluevapor.com/product/skyblue-concentrate-atomizer Glass Globe Version here : www.skybluevapor.com/product/glass-globe-single-coil

Our overall best atomizer for flavor and terpene preservation is our Full Ceramic Plate Atomizer. This atomizer is our lowest temperature operating atomizer that connoisseurs love! There are no coils that touch your concentrates here. Only a heated ceramic plate comes in contact with your material to provide the most flavorful experience. You can find our Ceramic Plate Atomizer here : www.skybluevapor.com/product/full-ceramic-plate-atomizer Glass Globe Version here : www.skybluevapor.com/product/glass-globe-ceramic-plate

Our overall best atomizer for ultimate vapor production is hands down our Dual Coil Atomizers.  This atomizer uses two coils to produce a thick cloud of vapor every time.  Are big clouds your thing? Look no further.  You can find our Dual Coil Atomizers here : www.skybluevapor.com/product/ceramic-dual-coil-atomizer Glass Globe Version here : www.skybluevapor.com/product/glass-globe-dual-coil

Which atomizers can I use with HERBALS?

We are glad you asked! Currently, we have one atomizer that is suitable for dry herbal material. This atomizer can be used with finely ground herb or “dry” concentrates. The chamber size of this atomizers is slightly smaller so we suggest it’s best use is for “dry” concentrates such as the material collected under the screen of an herbal atomizer.  Pressed “dry” concentrates can last up to 5x longer than unpressed. You can find our Dry Herbals Atomizer here : www.skybluevapor.com/product/herbal-atomizer

Which atomizers can I use with ESSENTIAL OILS?

We offer two types of 100% leak proof cartridges for all your essential oil needs.

Our Slim Oil Cartridge is available in two sizes; .5ml and .8ml. This is the most lightweight essential oil atomizer we have which is perfect for those looking to stay away from traditionally bulky vaporizers. You can find our Slim Oil Cartridges here : www.skybluevapor.com/product/slim-oil-cartridge-510-thread

Our very premium Pyrex Glass Oil Cartridge is available only in the .8ml size.  This atomizer was designed for those who want a more luxurious vaping experience with a taste that only comes from the medical grade glass, ceramic, and stainless steel components that make up this cartridge. You can find our Pyrex Glass Oil Cartridge here : www.skybluevapor.com/product/glass-oil-cartridge-510-thread

How do you switch atomizers?

Changing out an atomizer is easy and only takes a second. To remove the atomizer, “snap” the atomizer off to the side. Do not pull. The “Click” Lock Technology integrated with our pens prevent the atomizer from being pulled apart. This feature ensures that your pen will not fall apart in your pocket! Once the atomizer is removed, find the atomizer you would like to use and snap it into place. You will hear a “click” to let you know that it is locked into place.

Can I use pre-filled cartridges with this pen?

Yes you can! Our pen doesn’t just work with cartridges, it works amazing! You will need our 510 Thread Adapter to use cartridges. This adapter is included with any cartridge on our website, inside the Deluxe Edition Pen Kit, or is sold on it’s own as an accessory.

The 510 Thread Cartridge Adapter : https://skybluevapor.com/product/510-cartridge-adapter/

Slim Oil Cartridges : https://skybluevapor.com/product/slim-oil-cartridge-510-thread/

Premium Pyrex Glass Oil Cartridges : https://skybluevapor.com/product/glass-oil-cartridge-510-thread/

*What To Do If Your Cartridge Is Not Working*

If you purchased an empty essential oil cartridge from skybluevapor.com, Please Contact Customer Service.

If you purchased a cartridge elsewhere (NOT on skybluevapor.com), there are a couple reasons this could be happening:

  1. The cartridge may be a dud. Sad but true, there are dud cartridges out there!
  2. The cartridge may not be fully connecting with the adapter. At your own risk you may attempt the following to fix the connection. Find the base of your cartridge. There should be a small metal connector in the center you can pull out slightly to ensure it connects with the adapter. 9 times out of 10 this will solve your issue! Please be careful, we take zero responsibility for any damage that could occur.
How do I use the Herbal Atomizer?

Unscrew the stainless steel top of the heating chamber.  Use the vape tool provided to pack a small amount of finely ground herbs or collected herbal pollen into the heating chamber. Be careful to avoid touching or damaging the heating element.  Screw the top back on, connect the herbal atomizer to your pen, replace the mouthpiece on top and you are good to go.

Looking to fill some more in the chamber? The top piece of the herbal atomizer contains a secondary screw point which holds the spring coil in place. Unscrew and remove the spring coil to fill extra in the chamber.

Herbal Atomizer : www.skybluevapor.com/product/herbal-atomizer

How do I use the Slim Essential Oil Cartridge?

Remove the mouthpiece and plug. Fill the chamber 3/4 full with your essential oils.  Do not overfill the cartridge.  Reinsert the plug into the top of the cartridge and replace the mouthpiece on top of the cartridge.

The atomizer is ready for use once it has set for five minutes to allow the concentrate to saturate heating elements. This wait time ensures a smoother vapor experience.

Looking to switch cartridges? It’s easy. Unscrew the cartridge from the 510 Thread Adapter included and screw in any empty or pre-filled cartridge of the same 510 threading.

Slim Oil Cartridges : https://skybluevapor.com/product/slim-oil-cartridge-510-thread/

How do I use the Pyrex Glass Essential Oil Cartridge?

Unscrew the stainless steel top mouthpiece. Set down carefully while you fill the cartridge.  Fill the chamber 3/4 full by dropping your essential oils down the side into the glass (outside of the tube you see centered in the glass chamber. Do not overfill the cartridge.  Screw the stainless steel top back in place.

The atomizer is ready for use once it has set for five minutes to allow the concentrate to saturate heating elements. This wait time ensures a smoother vapor experience.

Looking to switch cartridges? It’s easy. Unscrew the cartridge from the 510 Thread Adapter included and screw in any empty or pre-filled cartridge of the same 510 threading.

Premium Pyrex Glass Oil Cartridges : https://skybluevapor.com/product/glass-oil-cartridge-510-thread/

How do I use the Glass Globe Atomizer?

Our Glass Globe Atomizer is designed for concentrates. To use this piece, gently unscrew the glass globe from the adapter base. Then, unscrew the top splash cap off the stainless steel chamber. This chamber is larger than our traditional atomizer dish space but it is still recommended to use a smaller amount of concentrate. Load a pea sized amount onto the atomizer. Reassemble, connect to pen, and the Glass Globe Atomizer is ready for use!

How long will my battery last?

Most users report a battery life that lasts all day long if used all day and longer if used sparingly!  If a full charge is needed you can do this in as little as two hours with the charger and charge cord provided.

How long will my atomizer last?

Atomizer life varies depending on use and regular maintenance. We suggest replacement after 3 months time, although, we have seen atomizers work efficiently for over a year!

To keep your pen as fresh as possible for as long as possible, we recommend you check out our Care Packages which are designed to freshen and extend the life of your SkyBlue Vapor Pen! Here is the link : www.skybluevapor.com/product/care-package

How do I clean my atomizers?

We’ve included a cleaning brush and packing tool with every pen. Use the packing tool to scrape out residual material left in the mouthpiece. The leftover material be saved and reused or discarded.

A good technique we use is to to clean the outside of the atomizer is to lightly dip the cleaning brush in rubbing alcohol and clean parts outside of the atomizer dish. Once the majority of material is cleaned off the atomizer you may submerge just the atomizer (disconnected from your battery) into a rubbing alcohol or other natural cleaning solution of your choice as long as it will not corrode the heating element. Make sure atomizer is completely dry before attempting to use.

NEVER use the cleaning brush inside the atomizer as this may cause damage. If you choose to do so it is at your own risk.

To best clean the inside of any SkyBlue Atomizer we recommend vaping all left over material completely after each use. This prolongs the life of the atomizer significantly.

To keep your pen as fresh as possible for as long as possible, we recommend you check out our Care Packages which are designed to freshen and extend the life of your SkyBlue Vapor Pen! Here is the link : www.skybluevapor.com/product/care-package

What methods of payment are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards, mainly Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, and Discover®.  Have some Crypto Currency to spend? We now accept Bitcoin!

I know some people who are interested in your products! Do you have an affiliate program?

Actually, we offer the most competitive affiliate program in our industry!  With the tools available to you in our program, it is easier than ever to earn a few extra bucks starting as early as today. Payouts begin when a balance of $20 has been reached.  Please check out the Affiliate Section of our store for more information about our affiliate program.  You may also visit : https://skybluevapor.com/terms-and-conditions/ for information regarding the terms and conditions of our affiliate program.

Where can I follow you on Social Media?

We are currently on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter! Follow us and see what we are up to!

I am interested in a large wholesale order. Do you wholesale your products?

Yes we do! Currently, our products are in a couple stores throughout Pennsylvania but we are ready to branch out nationwide. If you would like to purchase products at a wholesale level, please send an email to nmcs@skybluevapor.com including your name, phone number, company, and the order quantity.  Our customer care team will contact you back within 24 hours with a response and our wholesale catalog.

I placed a “Pre-Order” for an item backordered. How long until I can expect my package?

When an item is listed as a “Pre-Order”, this means that the item is currently out of stock and we are taking reservations for the pen on a first come, first serve basis. We will do our absolute best to keep everyone informed of when their package will arrive via The SkyBlue Newsletter ( you may sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of this page ).  Generally, we will put an item on “Pre-Order” if we believe it to be back in stock in about one months time.  Due to various factors we do not guarantee a product will be available in the 30 day period.  All restock dates will be listed as “estimated”. If you would like to inquire directly please send an email to us at customercare@skybluevapor.com and we will answer you right away.

You guys have been great! Where can I leave a review?

Reviews are easy and can be done in as little as just one minute! Here are a few places your review can be seen and heard!

1.) https://skybluevapor.com/my-account/orders

2.) https://www.leafly.com/brands/skyblue-vapor

3.) https://www.facebook.com/pg/skybluevapor/reviews/

4.) https://www.google.com

Thank you in advance for your review! It is very much appreciated. Ask us about our Review Rewards Program!