Effective Strains to Improve Focus 

Effective Strains to Improve Focus 


It’s common to get distracted and panic when you have millions of things running through your mind and have a handful of tasks ready for the next hour at work. This makes people sit at a place and ponder over the string of tasks with strict deadlines. 


If not excessive workload, a new Netflix series, or your favorite PlayStation can be the reason behind distractions making it difficult to focus better and add to your productivity. Fortunately, there are some magical pills to sail through such issues. And bring back your focus potential once again. 


Thinking if a magic pill is a real thing or not? Well, find out for yourself! 


  • Harlequin – When you have maximum to do in minimum time, you can put your trust on a strain like a harlequin. It’s a Sativa strain with low THC levels. Therefore, it won’t make you high. The average level of THC in harlequin is around 7.5%. On the other hand, Sativa strain content is in a 75:25 ratio. This strain type has been bred to contain the authentic CBD taste. It makes harlequin a preferred strain in the medical cannabis community. 


  • Green Crack – Another popular Sativa strain that is believed to have Cush. It consists of an energizing effect perfectly blended with a high cerebral factor for an intense sensation. Besides, there is an alternative to Green Crack with an Indica dominant base. This alternative is an offspring of an Afghani strain having a 75:25 ratio. It is an effective solution to combating reduced energy and fatigue problems in adults. As a result, people consume it for experiencing heightened alertness, better focus, sharpened senses, etc. 


  • Island Pink Strain – This one is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain known for its exotic appearance. This bud comes in a shimmering neon color and is shaped like spades to engage you. It has bright pink hairs with frosty white crystals on the top, giving it a shimmer look. The aroma of the island pink strain is sweet, flowery, and skunky with a vanilla-like flavor. This unique and naturally beautiful bud originates from Hawaii, adding a classic island flavor to your strain consumption experience. It works as a perfect solution to kicking off a lazy day and boosting your body with more focus for your upcoming tasks. One of the biggest highlights about island pink strain is igniting your artistic side with a better focus to encourage you to create masterpieces. 


  • Zkittlez – It is an Indica strain that is often referred to as Skittles or Skittlez. It is known for accelerating focus levels while heightening your senses for better productivity. This strain may make you feel happy and euphoric for some time after consumption.  


Note – CBD or hemp strains do wonders to your health and overall mental health. All you need is to consume them adequately. For this, ensure you consult a practitioner, CBD expert, or online CBD store consultant for a suitable concentration. 


Final thoughts – 


The rule of thumb for consuming the strains mentioned above is less is more. Strains often come with concentrated potency; therefore, they should be consumed moderately or prescribed. 




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