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CBD and cannabis are growing in popularity and cultural acceptance. While there are many great ways to enjoy your CBD oil and cannabis, one of the most preferred ways is vaping. The challenge many new vape enthusiasts face is learning about the different types of vaping and vape technology. Vape concentrate is becoming a favorite among those who prefer a faster and stronger dose of their favorite CBD or cannabis.

Concentrates come in many forms ranging from waxes to oils. Like concentrates, there are many vapes available at a variety of price points. You’ll find some offering a range of features and others with less. How do you know which is the best type of concentrate vape for you?

Here’s everything you need to know about concentrate vapes and how to find the top-rated vape to fit your needs!

What Is a Vape Concentrate?

Vape concentrates are one of the many forms of CBD and marijuana materials you can vape. Concentrate is also the official name of what some call a “dab.” It consists of the most active ingredients found in marijuana and CBD.

Vape concentrates are growing rapidly in popularity. People used to shy away from concentrates due to their higher potency. Today, that’s changing.

As the name suggests, concentrates have a higher concentration of active ingredients giving you a stronger hit. There’s less “fluff” compared to other types of vaping materials making the concentrate a more pure option.

Vape concentrates increase the taste of any added flavors. This is because there’s less filler or other parts of the marijuana plant getting in the way. If you don’t like the taste of plain marijuana, you’ll like the flavor of concentrates.

Types of Concentrates

There are four main types of CBD and marijuana concentrates, wax, budder, shatter and crumble.

Wax is a popular and affordable concentrate type. It has around a 60% potency and is softer than other concentrate options. Budder also has a soft texture but has the lowest potency compared to other concentrates.

Shatter is one of the strongest with around 80% potency. It has the appearance of thin glass and can break easily.

Crumble is the second most potent concentrate option. It’s breakable but still one of the easiest concentrates to handle.

Each one offers a slightly different experience. Knowing the type of concentrate you want to enjoy will help you pick the right concentrate vape.

What Is a Concentrate Vape?

Have you heard of the terms wax pen or dab pen? Both terms refer to a concentrate vaporizer or vape. This type of vape is similar to any vape pen as it has a mouthpiece, battery, and a heating chamber or atomizer.

The battery is typically the longest part of the vape pen and connects to the atomizer. The battery is what powers the atomizer to heat your concentrate, herb, or oil. Quality vapes should have a long battery life

The atomizer is where you place your CBD or marijuana concentrate for heating. There are specific atomizers designed for concentrate, herb, or oil. Make sure you’re using the right vape and atomizer with your vape.

The mouthpiece attaches above the atomizer. Every type of vape pen has a mouthpiece from which to draw the vapor.

Unlike other vape pens, a concentrate vape pen doesn’t use a liquid-based vape cartridge. Instead, you place your concentrate directly in the proper atomizer. This type of vape allows you to enjoy all of your favorite vapes concentrates.

The advantage of a wax vape pen is you can enjoy your favorite wax, crumble, or shatter in one hand almost anywhere. Before this portable option, most people had to use both hands and stay in one place to enjoy their concentrates. Portable concentrate vapes allow you to enjoy your concentrate on-the-go.

Most top-rated concentrate vapes are generally around the size of a pen. This makes them portable and easy to conceal when you’re not at home.

3-In-1 Concentrate Vapes

There are concentrate vapes that only specific types of concentrates. Some only allow for vaping concentrates and others that allow you to enjoy more than

The SkyBlue Vapor Deluxe Vaporizer is a 3-in-1 vape. This vape pen allows you to switch atomizers to enjoy oil and dry herb as you desire. The major advantage of this type of vape is you’re able to enjoy any material, dry herb, oil, or concentrate whenever you like.

Does Temperature Matter?

Temperature is a major factor when choosing a quality concentrate vape. The temperature in which your concentrate vaporizes will determine how you experience and taste your concentrate vape.

If you’re new to vaping concentrates, you should note that pens do not have a fixed universal temperature setting. Top-rated concentrate vapes will vaporize your concentrate at a lower temperature.

Lower vape temperatures allow your concentrates to last longer as they create less waste. Lower temperatures will preserve the aromatic terpenes of your concentrate. Conserving these terpenes increases the concentrate flavor profile.

Low vape temperatures are between 315ºF and 450ºF (157ºC and 232ºC). The only drawback to a lower vape temperature is there’s less vapor cloud. This isn’t an issue for anyone looking for

Vape temperatures also affect how you experience the entourage effect. Vaping concentrates at a lower temperature can boost the entourage effect.

Know the Materials

What kinds of materials make up the vape pen? Quality vape pens shouldn’t contain any plastic, parts, dyes, or glue in the vape pen chamber. These materials aren’t durable and can contaminate your concentrate.

Always look for concentrate vape chambers made with titanium, ceramic, or quartz glass. All 3 are long-lasting and will safely heat your concentrate.

Ceramic chambers help the chamber heat slowly and consistently. Titanium heats faster but doesn’t offer as consistent a temperature as ceramic.

Buy Only Top-Rated Concentrate Vape

Concentrate vapes are a great way to enjoy your favorite concentrated. Investing in a top-rated vape, like the SkyBlue Vapor Original Vape Pen or Deluxe Vaporizer will ensure your concentrate vaporizes perfectly every time. Your CBD and marijuana vaping experience will taste and feel better than you ever imagined.

Have questions or want to learn more? Let us know and we’ll help you with all your vaping needs.

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