Can Animals Benefit from CBD?

CBD is all the rage these days. Since its 2018 legalization, it has become wildly popular and purported to have a variety of positive benefits, including the ability to help manage pain and mood. Some have also asked if CBD can be given to animals. This is an important question, as animals have very different physiological systems than humans, and it may not be safe. Here’s a look at whether or not you can give CBD to animals.

Too Early to Tell

CBD’s boom has been financially noticeable; the industry has progressed from illegal at the end of last year to recent studies demonstrating a possible revenue growth of $22 billion in the next three years. However, while some scientific studies have shown that CBD may be beneficial for humans, not enough studies have shown whether or not it is safe to give CBD to our beloved pets. Many questions remain: What strains of CBD are best? How much is too much? What are the long-term consequences? As long as these questions remain unanswered, it is too early to tell whether or not it is safe to give CBD to our pets.


Humans and animals both have endocannabinoid systems, which consist of our body’s own cannabinoids and cannabinoid receptors. CBD works by changing the reactions between our body’s cannabinoids and its receptors, causing different effects within our body. When it comes to CBD, it is important to note that CBD comes in many varieties and concentrations. You also need to watch out for formulas that contain THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis. CBD oil derived from hemp instead of marijuana tends to contain little to no THC, making it safer for use with animals.

Find a Specialist

Because the field is so new, many veterinarians simply don’t know enough about pets and CBD. To that end, if you are really curious about whether or not CBD can help your animal, it is best to find a specialist who is an expert in this area. Consult with them about the safety of giving your animal CBD, how much you should give them, and the possible negative side effects. If you’re concerned about your pet’s wellness there are other products that can be used alone or with vet-approved CBD to keep your pet healthy and happy. 

CBD is a brand-new field with many varied applications, and while it’s too early to tell if you can give it to animals safely, future study is likely to reveal more about the pros and cons of giving it to animals. For now, if you do want to give your pet CBD, make sure you understand what you are doing and consult with a professional who better understands this field.

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