Best Wellness Advice For Cannabis Beginners

The legalization of cannabis has fueled its status as a wellness aid. The acclaim is well-deserved as medical research proves its efficacy for treating a host of health conditions. Not to mention, a growing number of consumers testify to the benefits it offers for relieving pain, anxiety, and insomnia. Even if you use it for recreational purposes, you can get more than you expect. But everything boils down to getting a good start with your cannabis wellness journey. Here is the best wellness advice beginners can rely on.

Understand the composition

Cannabis is not just a recreational substance, but a combination of potent cannabinoids that can take you on a healing journey. Before embarking on it, you must understand the components and how they work. Essentially, CBD and THC are the primary cannabinoids you must know about. While CBD is the non-psychoactive one that mainly promotes healing, THC is the psychoactive element that sets you up for the quintessential high. Terpenes give the herb its flavor and aroma. Additionally, cannabis has a mix of more cannabinoids that give each strain its unique characteristics. 

Know your expectations

Besides digging deeper into cannabis composition, you must know your expectations clearly to decide the ideal product. It is crucial because the choice of your strain depends on your expectations. If you want an energy kick, the sativa strains are ideal, while the indica strains are apt for relaxation. Those looking for sedative effects can opt for animal mints strain, which is renowned for its couch-lock effects. Likewise, your expectations decide the product and consumption method. Vaping herb and dabbing a concentrate give you rapid effects, while edibles set you up for a slow but sustainable experience.

Stick with an ideal dosage

Dosage is another crucial aspect of using cannabis as a wellness aid. As a beginner, slow and low is the best way to start. You may not know your ideal dose to begin as tolerance levels differ for everyone. But you can pick with the minimum recommended dose and gradually increase it until you hit the sweet spot. It is easy to feel tempted to kick start with a larger dose, but you may not enjoy the experience. Work your way up to find your ideal dose and get the best benefits.

Choose a familiar setting

Another piece of advice for cannabis beginners is to choose a familiar setting for initial sessions. Your home is the best place to start as you feel both safe and comfortable here. You may choose to do it at a friend’s place, but make sure you need not drive back after the session. Have a seasoned user with you to guide you about the dosage and help you manage your experience. Remember to wrap up your tasks before the sessions if you want to enjoy them to the fullest.

Deriving the best wellness benefits from cannabis boils down to choosing the right product and strain. More importantly, commit to following the dosage rules and safety precautions. Get advice from a pro, and you will feel more confident about your initial sessions. 


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