Baked For The Holidaze


My favorite Christmas tradition is getting baked and baking sweets. I love making pies, cookies, tarts and decorating with pure glee, seriously. Being a ganja lover around the holidays is truly a blessing, cannabis can be a little reminder to be and give kindness. The holidays are all about giving love, being with family, and eating dessert, if you ask me. And since smoking weed enhances almost all experiences, I love to smoke while I’m baking. Weed allows me to tap into my creativity and loosen up for the task at hand. Baking the best Christmas cookies, that means at least 3 recipes and 5+ hours of me in the cookie zone. When you’ve been baking cookies for as long as I have, recipes are sort of an outline, or a place to begin. For me, the real fun is exploring new ingredients and spicing up the basic traditional holiday recipes. Things do get hectic cooking in my tiny kitchen, helpers, snackers, you name it, hands everywhere! The small quarters are no help, but it’s intimate and smoking prior to the event helps bring a chill vibe to the holiday stress. Smoking throughout the entire experience is also necessary. Sometimes I cook with my bong in the kitchen and other times I rely on my vape pens for discretion and small clouds.

I get it, smoking in the house isn’t always an option, especially when the relatives are in town or your helpers have little hands. However, a vape pen, now that’s perfect for the occasion. Most pens are highly discreet, easily fitting in any pocket. Dancing around the kitchen, cooking 3 recipes at once, a few casual puffs don’t seem to bother anyone. Usually, I ‘ghost it’ anyway, hiding the smoke, or letting out a very minuscule amount. That’s the great thing about vaping, most of the time you can get a nice hit, with minimal clouds. So, sneaking puffs in the kitchen, then listening to grandma share stories is totally acceptable and doable, making the holidaze very happy.

As head household baker, I cannot add any ‘special’ ingredients to my family friendly batches. I have to consider everyone on my cookie list. Only by request, am I baking herb butter cookies, for my favorite lifted lovelies. But a good present idea might just be a little vape pen, less work than baking and just as much fun. Easily accessible and always discreet, vape pens provide the high, without the hassle of smoking from a pipe or joint. This season calls for simplicity and tasty treats, I’ll be vaping in my kitchen this year and cooking up some delicious stoney delights.

With the holidays upon us, it’s important to remember to give love and be joyful, while smoking weed is an easy way to feel these feelings naturally. Adding a pen to your holiday cooking routine or wish list, might just be a smart idea to keep everyone in the Christmas spirit. And maybe you’re not the head baker at your house, great! That just means you have more time to sneak to the backyard, where hopefully the cool grown ups are; consuming simply because, it’s actually how we all stay sane during the holidaze season. With only a few days until Christmas, remember to relax and take time to eat some sweet and smoke some herb.  

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidaze!

-Sofia D. Long



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