5 Ways You Can Benefit from Vaping Today

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5 Ways You Can Benefit from Vaping Today

Vaping is changing our culture, but it’s more than a fad. It’s a solid consumption method with numerous perks that make it an attractive option over smoking (i.e. combustion; we’ll use the terms interchangeably here). If you’re not living the vape life yet, let’s explore five reasons you might want to check it out—or even better, jump in with both feet! If you already vape, don’t abandon us quite yet. You might learn a few things, too. Let’s go, fam.

What do we know?
When compared to smoking or combusting your herb:

  • Vaping is healthier
  • Vaping saves you money by more efficiently consuming product
  • Vaping unlocks all medicinal benefits by avoiding combustion
  • Vaping is discreet
  • Vaping is easy

The benefits of vaping over combusting your herb could go on forever. But let’s tackle the basics to see why it even matters.

Vaping Is Healthier Than Smoking

When we combust plant matter, we not only burn off precious terps alongside their medicinal benefits before they can get to our lungs, but we inhale carcinogens too. Have you ever looked at the residue inside your water pipe after lighting up? All that black, sticky tar gunk is disgusting, right? Well, the water pipe doesn’t catch it all. Your lungs catch what you can’t see. Now, it is abundantly clear that smoking herb is nowhere near the toxicity of smoking tobacco. A lot of research has shown that it can help heal lung cancer, rather than cause it. So it definitely does matter what you’re combusting.

Most of us like to burn one down every now and then. Don’t stress about it. But for a primary consumption method, many people find that vaping their herb relieves strain on the lungs, or eases that frustrating harsh throat hit, or even does away with those epic coughing fits. Vaping is great for people with respiratory distress, but it’s a fab consumption method for others, too.

Vaping Saves You Money

What really got me hooked on vaping, aside from the health benefits? My product consumption dropped. The result? More money for more concentrates, herbs, and extracted oils! (Or you know, to save for a rainy day. But let’s be realistic!) I go through my consumables much more slowly now. It lasts me about four times as long as smoking, on average, but sometimes it goes even further! And that’s just talking grinder to vaporizer.

When you vape dry herb, your byproduct, sometimes called ABV (already-been-vaped) still contains benefits! Don’t toss it, fam. Store it in a sealed glass jar. It should look and smell toasted. You shouldn’t see any charred black edges or ash for material to still be effective. ABV is great for homemade topicals, a nice addition to any meal you make, or perfect for that next box of brownies. It’s already activated (i.e. decarboxylated), so you can even put a spoon into your coffee or smoothie if you want an extra lift.

Save those oils too! Extracted oils and concentrates that are left behind are known as “reclaim” and can also be used with this method. Reclaim is much more potent and therefore offers the highest therapeutic effects. Remember, concentrates and extracts can be very strong so it is best to use less at first and more as you need it!

Reduced concentrate consumption is intertwined with low-temp dabbing, just like how vaping increases the effectiveness and longevity of your flower. Vape pens are an option for using concentrates on-the-go and mimic dabbing. All vapes are not all equal, however. Do research before purchasing to make sure that you’re actually getting a unit designed for low-temp use. Many pens on the market burn too hot and end up combusting. If a pen is combusting your concentrate, you’ll burn through it faster than you would, say, with precise temperature control on something like an enail. An enail is a wonderful tabletop vaporizer for concentrates, but it requires space, a rig, a power outlet, and a few necessary accessories, and is, therefore, way less portable than something like the SkyBlue Vapor™ Pen.

Vaping Unlocks All Medicinal Benefits by Avoiding Combustion

Why is it the case that vaping can reduce product consumption? Vaping at low temps means that you will Taste Every Terp™ because you are preserving whole-plant benefits by avoiding combustion. When you consume at temperatures below that which herb or oil burns, you get more of the active compounds that make plant medicine our fav. You’ll boost your intake of cannabinoids like THC, CBD, CBN, CBG, CBC, and THCV to name a few. You’ll also get terpenes such as pinene, linalool, caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene into your system! [If you haven’t seen our article on terps—check it out here!]

Taste is an amazing guide to the benefits of consumption. If you can’t taste the full flavor profile of your medicine, or if all your herb tastes the same regardless of strain, you’re likely getting caught in the grips of combustion. Combustion, in addition to destroying compounds that would benefit us at lower temperatures, is known for squashing flavor. When amazing flavors come out of our herb (whether we’re talking bud, concentrates, or oils), we can reap the full medicinal benefits and as such we often need less to get fully medicated.

Vaping Is Discreet

Why else do we love vaping? For its discretion, of course! Portability, too. Those qualities enhance each other. If you must hang with the parents and they’re squeamish about smoke, make sure you have a vape pen on hand. A vape can be your best friend if you’re out and about and you need to medicate. Look for a place with a little privacy and some ventilation if you can’t be outside. Either way, vaping produces significantly less odor than smoking. This nearly eliminates that dank weed smell we’re all familiar with and that we love when we aren’t required to be discreet. With the popularity of ecigs, a small vape is unlikely to catch any unwanted attention. Vaping is stealth mode, fam.

Vaping Is Easy

You know, like the cult classic “Earth Girls are Easy.” But seriously. Vaping is not rocket science. It’s one of the most effortless consumption methods available to us. Grab your vape and go! It’s so easy to vape that you can do it while multitasking. It has found its way into my morning routine because I can medicate without having to worry about keeping an eye on the cherry or carrying a tray around to ash. It’s great for a productivity boost or pain management, lifting your mood, calming anxiety, or even chilling. You’ll get all the benefits of toking and then some. Since most vaporizers allow you to vape at your own pace, it’s a relaxed consumption method which leaves you with little that needs your immediate attention.

One last tip: Cleaning your vaporizer regularly—whether a portable unit or a tabletop model—allows you to avoid accidentally combusting residue (or reclaim) that may have collected from a previous sesh. This keeps your product tasting its best (which is a signpost for better effects!) and allows the vape to work more efficiently.

Far beyond the aforementioned benefits, vaping can be immensely enjoyable. If you haven’t yet, delve deeper into vaping as a consumption method. Let us know what you discover! Stay lifted, fam.


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