5 Surefire Ways To Maximize Your Vaping High

5 Surefire Ways To Maximize Your Vaping High

Vaping cannabis is an excellent choice if you want a healthier alternative to smoking. It does not irritate your lungs yet offers the high you expect from a typical cannabis experience. But things can change down the line as vaping regularly can build cannabis tolerance, and you may struggle to get the outcomes you want. While taking a tolerance break is an option, you may not want to stay away from your stash. Fortunately, there are ways to maximize your vaping high without parting with the habit even for the short term. Here are some expert-recommended surefire ways that can help.

Switch up your strains 

Switching up your cannabis strain is your best bet if you want to reach the next level of high. You will probably have to pick a strain high in the psychoactive THC levels to get the hit you expect. If you are a newbie, researching cannabinoid contents and their impact on the profiles and effects of strains can help. It makes sense to switch up strains after doing a particular one for a long time because it can elevate the experience significantly.

Get back to the basics

Apart from switching your strain, you can consider getting back to the basics. Try smoking instead of vaping whenever you want to get an extra kick. You can explore https://www.purplepenthouse.com/pre-rolls-delivery-dc/ to have your pre-rolls delivered to your doorstep if you live in DC. Alternating between the two methods can get you a better high with both.

Try microdosing

If you think microdosing is only for beginners, you are in for a surprise. It can also help seasoned users to reset their tolerance levels without taking a break. Set clear expectations because consuming small amounts will deliver muted effects. However, it is a perfect compromise if you don’t want to quit completely and get a fresh start. Try microdosing for a week, and you will experience better outcomes with your regular dose. 

Take longer breaks between sessions

You can take extended breaks between consecutive vaping sessions if things do not seem to work well enough. The measure works just like microdosing as you simply stretch your body to stay without cannabis for a longer period. Once you vape again, you will surely experience a better impact. Try measuring the timing between sessions and doubling it for the best results. 

Break up your routine

Do you start your day with a long vaping session? Do you indulge in a long one at bedtime? A regular routine can quickly build a high tolerance, and you will end up without the expected high sooner rather than later. Consider breaking your regular schedules if you tend to vape at the same time every day. Try waiting past the normal time or changing the settings to have a different experience. It can get you higher than usual.

Vaping is an art, but it takes more than the right technique to get the best outcome. You can try these tactics and get a better high with your next experience.

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