5 Cannabis Cultivation Facts Every First-Timer Must Know

Growing your own cannabis is an exciting proposition as you know what you get. Moreover,
you need not rush to the dispensary to replenish stock. You can build your own repository at
home and even foray into the commercial domain eventually. But the first step is often the
most challenging as you feel apprehensive about growing cannabis in your indoor garden.
But knowing your facts can make you much more confident and comfortable about the idea.

Here are the ones every first-time gardener must know.

You can grow in a small space
Since cannabis plants can grow big, it is easy to believe you cannot grow in a small indoor
area. Home growers prefer to grow indoors because it is safe and discreet. It is doable,
provided you choose the apt strain and know your techniques right. You can plant the seeds
in small pots and get a fair amount of bud as well. Further, pruning and training techniques

can help you maximize and control the growth of your plants.

You must invest in quality seeds
Achieving high quality and quantity of cannabis yield depends significantly on your skills as a
grower. But the genetics you select also matter. There are endless varieties of cannabis, and
each has its unique traits. You have to choose wisely and stick with quality seeds from a
reputed seed bank to get the best yield. Never skimp on the seeds if you want to get the

best bud.

You need not spend a fortune
Apart from safety, indoor cultivation gives you better control over the environment. But it
also requires investment in growing equipment such as lights, fans, extractors, automated
watering systems, and more. But you may start small with 150w led grow lights and basic
equipment to keep things within a budget. It is possible to set up a decent facility indoors by
incurring a few hundred dollars. It is a small price, considering you can save hundreds of
dollars down the line.

More nutrients are not necessarily better
As a beginner, you may think that pumping your plants full of nutrients will get you a
healthy yield. But an overload of nutrients may end up doing more harm than good.
Cannabis requires three main macronutrients to survive and thrive- nitrogen (N),
phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). However, the ratio may differ according to the growth
stage of the plants. You need to pick the right fertilizer for a specific stage and stick with apt
quantities. Overfeeding can cause nutrient burn, which stresses the plants and stunts their

You can grow organic.

As a home grower, you have the option to skip ready-made fertilizers and opt for organic
ones. There couldn’t be a better way to access pure and potent organic cannabis without
worrying about chemicals. Enriching the soil with compost, worm castings, and organic
nutrients makes your plants thrive. The best part is that they reach the plant gradually, so
you never have to worry about a nutrient burn.
Cannabis cultivation is easier than you think, and you can learn as you go. All you need is to
be meticulous with plant care and climate control, and you can have a thriving crop at

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