3 Surprising Places Where You Can Use Aromatherapy

Smells have always had an interesting effect on humans, especially with aromatherapy. Whether you are headed to the gym for an overdue workout or finally sitting down to study for that exam tomorrow, aromatherapy might give a beneficial edge to improve both. Here are a few surprising places to use aromatherapy to help enhance your lifestyle.

At the Gym

The walk from the parking lot to the inside of the gym can seem like the most challenging part of a workout. What if you used an aroma as you head in to help boost your focus and energy? Using aromas such as cinnamon or orange in a portable diffuser could provide an energy boost that might make for a better workout. Experiment with different smells or combinations of aromas to see which one helps increase your energy. When you find the one that works for you, put some in your personal diffuser, place it in your gym bag and take a sniff before you start your workout.

On a Road Trip

Americans spend an inordinate amount of time in vehicles and often experience very challenging commutes. From highway construction to dealing with other drivers who make bad decisions, our experience around driving is not always a good one. Whether you are a short-haul driver, a rideshare part-timer or a long-haul trucker, drivers are expected to deal with all traffic conditions in a professional manner.  The goal when driving is to feel relaxed enough to deal with traffic hiccups gracefully but aware enough to make a sudden adjustment when necessary. This is especially important if you drive for a living, such as a truck driver, since driving while fatigued or drowsy is very dangerous. Next time you are faced with a challenging drive, say a long drive with the kids, consider keeping some Hawaiian Sandalwood (thought to relax and elevate mood) or Wild Orange (thought to increase energy) with you. Have a quick whiff whenever you find your energy fading or you begin to feel overly stressed. 

In the Classroom

Another place where using essential oils is not very common is in the classroom. Many recent studies indicate that using certain aromas in the learning environment may increase retention while reducing anxiety around such things as testing. Teachers also seem to benefit by using aromatherapy to help alleviate stress. Lavender and lemon essential oils were the most commonly used as aromatherapy in these studies. The results seem to indicate that there were significant beneficial differences between the groups who received the therapy versus those who did not. So, teachers, the next time students are anxious about facing a challenging exam or you are nervous about that unexpected parent conference, perhaps a moment with a pleasing smell would help.


At the end of the day, scents can be beneficial. They can help us relax, wake up our concentration and, possibly, give us some energy. No matter where you are, aromatherapy can be a great addition to your natural, homeopathic lifestyle.

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